Behind The Scenes Of The ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Bloodbath, Who Stays And Who Gets Cut? Highlight Hollywood News

There is a bloodbath coming to Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and although it’s being reported that Taylor Armstrong and one other housewife may be on the chopping block.  Highlight Hollywood can exclusively report, that there may be more, and that no one, get it? No one is safe from Bravo’s suits, who think that Brandi Glanville has derailed this once hot and growing series, and that Lisa Vanderpump is ruling nothing at all, and is in fact, boring when it comes to finding new viewers.  If you think that Stacci and the other brats on “Vanderpump Rules” were receiving a lot of extra air time, you would be correct, but they aren’t working out either.  An executive with BRAVO tells Highlight Hollywood, “Vanderpump is a cupcake, that tastes very bitter to us right now, and we are going to clean house if it means that’s what we do to save this show!” Michael Meyers is now in charge and may be cleaning house, and as we say, no one is safe.
Speaking of the dimming starlet Lisa Vanderpump, who many are wondering what she has that made BRAVO want to hitch their name on her falling star.  meyersRecently Lisa was at QVC, and they were mortified by the lackluster sales within minutes, and she was soon out of there.  QVC declined to comment officially, but a producer tells us, “Lisa came on QVC to sell her book and her segment was cut short, to put it mildly.” It sounded like something out of Harlem’s Apollo Theatre.  “She sold less than 60 books and our producers said, ‘get her out of here!’  We immediately shifted the segment to another item.  We cannot afford to lose revenue on any segment, and her book is basically unmarketable.  She was not happy to be shown the door,” the insider said.
The BRAVO executive tells Highlight Hollywood, “Even SNL [Saturday Night Live] is making fun of Lisa’s show. It’s ghastly. We had no idea when we put it on, that she couldn’t carry it, but it became abundantly clear very soon to everyone.”  When asked, could Dame Vanderpump herself be facing a pink slip from BRAVO’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?”  The honcho added, “No one at this point is safe.”
So, no one is safe? What about Brandi and her producer boyfriend? “Alex isn’t even safe here, so no, he can’t save his girlfriend, because we are going to cut the fat out of the show and try to salvage it, even if it includes behind-the-scenes producers, who made these terrible choices to make this about Brandi Glanville, who isn’t even a genuine Beverly Hills resident or socialite.  It sounded good initially, but she has been grating a lot of nerves upstairs, and the suits are not happy with what has transpired. This show had the ability to be like the ‘Atlanta Housewives’, instead it’s turned into the Addams family, and LeAnn Rimes has been making rumblings of filing lawsuits due to everyone on the show dragging her name into every situation with Brandi. If that happens, Brandi’s gone,” the exec continued. RHOBH
However, Highlight Hollywood has EXCLUSIVE insider information, even from meetings between the ladies and Brandi Glanville and executives. It seems Brandi’s mouth may have put her in jeopardy even further than her behavior over the third season.   On her hood, so to speak, Glanville said, “I lived somewhere between the Bloods and the Crips, who all nicknamed me Barbie. I pretty much listen to gangsta rap, all the time—its grittiness speaks to my roots. #GhettoBrandi”
Brandi has dragged people into her situation that BRAVO doesn’t want anything to do with.  “Some of the BRAVO executives were mortified to see shots of her home, and the obvious proximity to some of L.A.’s underbelly, which doesn’t suit our franchise at all.  We are right now scrambling to save this show.”  Highlight Hollywood has learned that almost a half-dozen heads will be rolling at Bravo due to this season’s lackluster ratings.  Brandi’s a liability, but the exec added, “Lisa’s problem is that she’s hiding and blaming everyone for her downfall. But, the person at the network that decided to brand her is now out of the door as well.  She’s being rightly blamed for the horrible ratings, which is almost embarrassing to the network.”
An employee at SUR tells Highlight Hollywood, “Ken wants Lisa off this show, he’s running out of money trying to keep her in the spotlight. This is like Russell Armstrong, and that Orange County husband, who complained that to maintain status on these shows, you spend a lot of money.  People in here are aware of it, that Lisa’s a loose cannon with Brandi, and that she’s dragging the BRAVO franchise down.  Everyone here is turning on everyone. It’s like rats on the Titanic.”  Another “Vanderpump Rules” insider said, “The people who backed this restaurant are livid.  No one wants to come in here.”  When asked if Vanderpump and Ken owns it, the employee giggled, “You heard Camille [Grammer], No, heck no!”
But when asked if the  come forward and speak on the record and open, the employee quickly commented, “Hell no! Lisa’s a cyber bully, and she and Brnadi go on Twitter and slander people, she [Vanderpump] even goes on Twitter and slams us, her own employees.  She calls us slaves when the cameras are not running.  Brandi may live in the ghetto, but she can handle any of the gangs, she and Lisa are nothing but Twitter Thugs and Blogger Bullies,” the SUR employee tells Highlight Hollywood.
One reader, who lives off Rodeo Drive says, “It’s so obvious, this town means nothing to that Vanderpump broad. She uses Brandi, who isn’t and never will be a Beverly Hills resident, and they make a mockery of this community.  They are trash, and total insults to Beverly Hills.  The Clampetts were better ambassadors to this town than Vanderpump and Glanville. And classier too.”
Brandi Glanville privately has told friends, that “RHOBH” is only a reality show, and she fakes everything, even playing the victim for ratings.  However, from the looks of “RHOBH’s” ratings, the show is the victim, not her.  “Lisa has been chomping at the bit, literally. Blaming the producers and bad editing for the failure of ‘Vanderpump Rules.’ She’s laying low, trying to be sneaky, fearing her job, and if she gets the ax, Lord help all of us who work for her.  She recently blasted a magazine editor for not agreeing to do a cover feature on her and SUR. She promised the investors, that she could bring lots of publicity for them, but the publicity she’s bringing is not helping, it’s hurting,” the SUR employee tells HH.
And Lisa’s toxic personality, which even rubbed “The View’s” cohosts the wrong way, has started to affect her business at Villa Blanca. You know, the restaurant she famously says, you take your wife to, but SUR you take your mistress.  She should be so lucky.  A former Villa Blanca employee says, “I talk to people there every day, and they are losing big time.  Lisa and Ken are jokesters, but the laugh is on them.  The problem is, the food and services are so expensive, and people call it a tourist trap.”
Lisa Vanderpump has been on Twitter bashing people like SUR bartender Jax, calling him a, well, words we cannot repeat.  But, Lisa hates all the kids on her “Vanderpump Rules” show, because her own daughter Pandora wanted her own show, but BRAVO turned it down, and told Lisa to use her own employees as stars on the show. “They belittle us and treat us all like slaves,” the SUR employee tells HH.  “If anyone asks Lisa about her past, she gets very upset, secretive, and has even threatened to fire people for meddling in her private life,” the SUR employee continued.  “Lisa doesn’t really work here, she just stops in when the cameras are here.  She is no supervisor, and she’s very homophobic.  She did not want any gay people on her show, so some of the gay people are pretending to date, to keep Lisa happy.”
Brandi Glanville is in salvaging-mode, after being quoted as saying the show was all fake.  The ratings are down 50 percent this season, and “Vanderpump Rules” is a smashing failure, losing revenues and sponsorship for the network.  Lisa’s manipulations have cost BRAVO dearly, and now they are starting to realize it.  “Lisa’s all talk, but she doesn’t deliver,” the BRAVO insider says.
Anyone can see that Brandi Glanville is no victim. She fights half the city of Beverly Hills, and continues to dredge up her ex husband, Eddie Cibrian’s cheating, but as Us Weekly revealed, she began to cheat first.   “Brandi has definitely ruined the shows, both ‘Vanderpump’, but unfortunately also ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s a disaster, and it’s cost the network dearly,’ said the BRAVO exec.  Brandi is now claiming that her battle against Adrienne Maloof, was because Adrienne tried to get her fired last season.  Every week the diva has a different story, and a different enemy. It’s grown very old, and BRAVO’s housecleaning has begun. 
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   BRAVO TV and Paramount
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