Monday Night’s ‘Dallas’ ‘Blame Game’ Leads Into Next Week’s Epic Showdown And J.R. Ewing’s Final Ending, Highlight Hollywood News

“Dallas” is truly hitting all the high notes, and next week as Gary and others arrive, it is evident that the end of J.R. Ewing is upon us.  Last week Annie Ewing was convicted of attempted murder of her evil ex-husband Harris, but this week, Annie was given probation by that same jury, and the Rylands were read the riot act by the Judge, who told Harris, that he was an evil man, and not a victim at all.   Christopher decided also last week that he’d agree to mediation with Pamela Barnes, only to learn her decision this week as 10 percent of Ewing Energies, and that means, daddy Cliff Barnes has his greedy little and very rich fingers in the Ewing pot, which will infuriate daddy J.R., when John Ross breaks the news to him. 
Christopher’s legal arrangement went well and Bobby Ewing did his best to help his wife Annie out in the sentencing trial.  He told the jury their love story hoping they would give her a light sentencing.  Bobby also made an attempt to smooth things over with Annie’s daughter Emma.  He wanted her to know that she has another family at Southfork but she continued to not want anything to do with the Ewing’s.


Bobby must have gotten to Emma because she visited Annie.  Emma was worried about what her father would think about her visit to Annie so she didn’t stay long.  Sue Ellen confronted Elena Ramos about the Henderson land she loaned her money for on the new DallasJohn Ross previously hinted to Sue Ellen that she needed to pressure Elena to move faster on drilling the oil.  John Ross informed Sue Ellen about the morals clause in her and Elena’s contract.  Now that Drew got arrested, Elena defaults on her loan from Sue Ellen which means she can take over Elena’s shares of Ewing Energies.


Christopher asked Drew about the smuggled goods he hauled.  Drew admitted he was working to earn money to buy back his father’s old land.  After Drew explained that he thought he was set up, he told Christopher about the foreman he fired.  Who wants to stop Elena from drilling oil on the Henderson land?  All signs point to John Ross.  The Dallas on TNT fans know this, but now Christopher knows too.  He found out too late; Drew signed a guilty plea which put Elena at moral default in her contract.  John Ross and Sue Ellen will now have the upper-hand in Ewing Energies.


Pamela finally got what she set out to do on Dallas Season2; she got into Ewing Energies.  But why is she so emotional about the feat?  The agreement was for her to sign over the shares to John Ross and in exchange he would give her the methane patent.   Pamela decided she needs to keep her Ewing shares and stay civil with Christopher.  But the real reason she’s keeping the shares is to please her father.


Vicente Cano, the man who was convicted of killing Veronica Martinez on the last season of Dallas on TNT was about to leave the country when he arranged to pay the Ewing family a visit.  Vicente came back for his end of the deal he made with John Ross on last season’s Dallas TV Show.  Vicente came for Christopher’s methane patent and threatened to hurt Pamela and the twins if he didn’t bring it in an hour.  John Ross’s feelings towards Pamela were revealed when Vicente threatened her.


The Ewings were held hostage by Vicente and his men on the new Dallas.  Everybody except Annie and JR Ewing were present.  While waiting for Christopher to return Sue Ellen spoke to Bobby about vicious cycle of hurt and betrayal the Ewing’s put each other through and vowed to end it if they made it out alive.Dallas-BlameGame-3



Christopher attempted to put up a fight when it came time to hand over his patent.  He got the gun but couldn’t fire in time for the man to recover.   They went back Southfork with the patent.  After handing it over Vicente attempted to take Elena with him.  Just when you think the Ewing’s can’t work together they teamed up and put up a fight against Vicente’s men.  With the help of Drew, Vicente was shot and killed; everybody escaped unscathed.



Vicente’s visit stopped the Ewing’s from attending Annie’s hearing.  And she and her attorney ran straight to South Fork, to see what is holding Bobby, Pamela, Elena and Christopher.  J.R.’s run away again, to avoid Bobby’s backlash, and the Ewings bonded only for a few hours before Sue Ellen joined forced with her son John Ross, leaving Bobby ready to fight, and out for revenge.



However, do NOT miss next week’s show.  It will be the most epic episode in the history of “Dallas.”


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: TNT
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