Sharon Tate And The Infamous Manson Murders May Not Be Charles Manson’s Only Victims, Report, Manson Behnid Many Other Unsolved Murders, Highlight Hollywood News

Heinous mastermind Charles  Manson may have also masterminded more murders than he was actually tied to,  according to an audiotape recently made public.  Attorney Bill Boyd, who represented Manson follower Charles (Tex)  Watson, said he recorded more than 20 hours worth of interviews in 1969 with  his client, who claimed Manson committed other killings.


Boyd, who died in 2009, had previously spoken to an author about those  recordings, reported Monday. A tape of the interview with  the alg-manson-jpgauthor was obtained by the local Fox affiliate, although the actual  recordings between Boyd and Watson have not been publicly released. “He told me about a bunch of other people Manson had killed,” Boyd said of  Watson, adding that his client didn’t implicate himself in those other alleged  murders.




The possibility of more slayings come as the California Board of Parole  recommended that another Manson minion, Bruce Davis, should be released.  Gov. Jerry Brown has up to 30 days to decide whether to hold up the parole  board’s recommendation and grant the convicted killer his freedom.  Davis, now 70 and a self-proclaimed born-again Christian, has served more  than 40 years in the slammer for his role in the deaths of a musician and a  stuntman.  Born again Christian, murderer? Better leave this nutcase locked up! Even though he  did not take part, however, in the infamous 1969 killing spree that  included the murder of actress Sharon Tate and her unborn baby, he gleefully is a followers, and that’s article-manson-0205dangerous for all of us.


Davis long maintained that he was a bystander in the killings of the two  men, but in recent years, he has acknowledged his shared responsibility.  If he is freed, Davis would become the first Manson follower to be released.  He would go to transitional housing associated with religious groups in Los  Angeles County.


Manson and three of his other followers, Leslie Van Houten, Patricia  Krenwinkel and Watson, remain in manson14n-3-webprison for life in the Tate killings. Their  co-defendant, Susan Atkins, died of cancer behind bars in 2009.  The Los Angeles Police Department is interested in obtaining Boyd’s  recordings in the hopes of shedding light on other unsolved murders. But the  tapes are currently tied up as part of a Texas bankruptcy case involving the  deceased attorney’s law firm, according to




Manson, now 78, was denied parole for the 12th time a year ago, and isn’t  eligible again until he’s 92 — meaning he will likely rot behind bars.


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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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