Sunday Night’s ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘I Ain’t A Judas’ As Carl Pushes Dad Rick To Stop Being The Leader, Highlight Hollywood News

Rick has increasingly become unhinged ever since wife Laurie died while giving birth to their daughter.  But, is he prepared to step down, and take a backseat to Daryl?  “The Walking Dead” fans are solidly behind Daryl, and believe he and Hershel, not even Glen at this point are better prepared to protect the group from Team Woodbury led by the demonic Governor, who is hell-bent on revenge after Rick and Maggie entered Woodbury a second time, only to save Daryl and Merle from a deadly duel.  So, in this exclusive AMC clip from the hit TV show, that airs this coming Sunday night on AMC, Carl really steps up and stands up to his daddy. 
Will it do any good? Is Rick too far gone for his own benefit? And the benefit of the group?
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Gene Page/AMC
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