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He’s Baacck! Yes, The Governor And David Morrissey Return For Season Four In October On AMC’s Hit Zombie Drama ‘The Walking Dead’, Highlight Hollywood News

The Governor will return on AMC’s The Walking Dead.  David Morrissey will be back when the zombie drama comes back for a fourth season in the fall, THR reported, and Highlight Hollywood

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Milton Is Dead, His Portayer Star Dallas Roberts, Postmortem, INTERVIEW, Highlight Hollywood News

27 deaths on AMC’s hit show, “The Walking Dead” on Sunday night. With two being Andrea and Milton, it just seems unbearable.  However, the handsome actor, Dallas Roberts, who portrayed Milton speaks

‘Glee’ Actor Cory Monteith Bravely Enters Rehab, Report, Highlight Hollywood News

  Actor Cory Monteith who stars as Finn Hudson on the Fox TV series “Glee,” has checked himself into rehab, People magazine first reported.  he actor “has voluntarily admitted himself to a

‘The Walking Dead’ Finale ‘Welcome To The Tombs’ Has Carl Turned Into The Governor? Highlight Hollywood News

The latest season of  “The Walking Dead” has concluded, and it says a lot that Andrea was the one who sacrificed herself for the good of two teams, while Carl seems to

We Return To Westeros, White Walkers Are Here! ‘Game Of Thrones’ First Episode Of The Season Was Awesome, Plus A Sneak-Peek (VIDEO) At Next Week’s Episode, Highlight Hollywood News

As the exciting episode began, poor Samwell Tarly was running through the Icy barren land trying to avoid White Walkers and Whites.  When he happened upon a man’s body, and then realized the

‘True Blood’s’ Season Six First Promo/Teaser, ‘Everybody’s Gonna Burn’ Bill No Longer, And Rutger Hauer Taunts Jason, The End Is Near, Highlight Hollywood News

Just in time for “Game Of Thrones” to premier on the U.S. East Coast, HBO released their exciting and lethal terrifying teaser and promo #1 for its hit supernatural vampire series “True

‘General Hospital’ Honors Fifty Years On Monday, Don’t Miss The Nurse’s Ball And All The Unforgettable Action, Highlight Hollywood News

“General Hospital’s” cast, crew, showrunner, Frank Valentini and his staff along with VIEWERS get to honor the venerable soap on Monday, when all Hell breaks loose, and we also get to honor

Frank Valentini’s Measured And Extremely Brilliant Running Of ‘General Hospital’ Keeps The Show Strong At 50-Years-Young, Don’t Miss This Week’s Episodes, Highlight Hollywood News

What happened to “General Hospital” in 2012?  Genius Frank Valentini, the show’s brilliantly gifted and handsome Executive Producer and his creative partner Head Writer Ron Carlivati went into ABC Studios and took

‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ Kicks The Competition With $132 Million Opening Worldwide Easter Weekend, Highlight Hollywood News

G.I. Joe took in $80.3 million overseas and $51.7 million domestically, including $41.2 million for the weekend proper, the second-best domestic Easter gross behind the 2010 Clash of the Titans ($61.2 million).

Congratulations To Eli Reimer, At Age 15 And Dealing With Down Syndrome Reaches Mt. Everest’s Base Camp, Highlight Hollywood News

Eli Reimer made history this week, and everyone should applaud.  In a nation that celebrates wealth, beauty (determined by one small group), and supremacy over everyone else on the planet, without having