Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

American Art Awards Names Best Gallery In Alaska 2013: Annie Kaill’s Premier Fine Art, Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE News

Highlight Hollywood is proud to announce that Annie Kaill’s Premier Fine  Art is named Best Gallery In Alaska, 2013, by the American Art Awards. President  of AAA, Thom Bierdz, also known to millions as Phillip Chancellor III on The  Young & The restless, explains, “Annie Kaill’s really impresses us with  their work ethic, experience, and devotion to genuine regional art, be it  frontier or village life.
“Their inventory has multiplied in the thirty-five  years they have steadily flourished. Their intent was to offer the purest  Alaskan artifacts and they have headshot_credit_Sean_Lambertdelivered on this promise. Collectors range from  local to international; this is a favorite destination of visitors and Juneau  locals.  Although they represent traditionally Alaskan images and  sculpture, they offer nontraditional takes on this theme and continually  introduce new facets of Alaskan life through known and undiscovered artisan’s  eyes and hands. This is the one place in Alaska you can see all of Alaska. We  are very proud to include them in our 25 Best Galleries For 2013.”
Annie Kaill’s Premier Fine Art Gallery 244 Front Street Juneau,  Alaska 99801 (907) 586-2880
Jon Van Zyle’s “Fall Frolic” (fox in yellow birch trees).
Evon Zerbetz’s “Get away! Get away!” (Raven guarding nest).
Eric Bealer’s “Bachelor Pad” (wood block print of B&W cliff,  ocean).
Karen Beason’s “Orca” (block print of whale).
Byron Birdsll’s “On The Waterfront, Ketchikan, Alaska” (planes over  mountain lake town).
John Fehringer’s “Above And Below” (blue scene, sailboat, whales).
JoAnn George’s “Homecoming” (bear and salmon).
Sandra Greba’s “Varied Thrush” (orange bird).
Barbara Levallee’s “Quilting Quartet Encore” (colorful squares).
Sherri McDonald’s “Skunk Cabbage” (small black bears in green  landscape).
Gail Nielbrugge’s “Tundra Bull” (white mountains, orange foreground).
Nathalie Parenteau’s “Canyon” (red man rowing through humanesque  hills).
Brenda Schwartz’s “New Eddystone” (island and  sailboat).
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Annie Kaill’s Premier Fine Art Gallery  and Sean Lambert
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