Highlight Hollywood is proud to reveal the 2013 American Art Awards choice  for Best Gallery In Nebraska. “Burkholder Project is wonderfully diverse  productive gallery environment with stunning art,” says Thom Bierdz, president  of American Art Awards. “We look for exemplary accomplishers in their  specialties when we select our 25 Best In The Nation. You have already revealed  the expansive 63,000 square foot Park West Gallery, our Best In Michigan  2013. Park West is the epitome of what an art gallery/corporation can become,  supplying lavishly expensive treasured artifacts to the top global collectors as  well as reaching an all-consumer market via cruise ships and the like. American  Art Awards has also selected galleries specializing in classically romantic  paintings by famous artists like Rembrandt and Van Gogh, and we have  headshot_credit_Sean_Lambertselected many galleries specializing in the regional images of their states’  landscapes, like the expected traditional impressionism seascapes you’ll  find in Vermont and mountain landscapes in Utah.. We have also picked inner  city galleries with the bravest contemporary art from new materials, as  well as Vegas’s scintillating Sin City Gallery offering an impressive variety of  poignant and tantalizing nudes. We have decided on Burkholder for Nebraska  because this is a perfect example of communal cohesion and production.”
A blue awning in Lincoln, Nebraska’s Haymarket over a colorful mosaic  walkway leads to a whimsically painted door. Inside is a booming array of  sculpture, paintings, stained glass, jewelry, and every other form of  art. Twenty-six years ago this creative community project was the dream of  Anne Burkholder to marry the works and hearts of fellow visionaries.
The renovated building houses thirty working studios, three major  galleries, and a sampler gallery, which displays work by forty associate artists  – some local, some from across the country. Anne lives in one of the three loft  apartments on the top floor. The building is open to the public and people are  encouraged to browse the galleries and studios, often watching artists at work.  “In order for an artist to be successful,” says Burkholder, “he or she must be  accessible to the public – and seeing the process makes it a more pleasurable  experience.”        Anne_Burkholder
In 2011, Anne received one of five Impact Awards by the Downtown Lincoln  Association (DLA), given out annually to recognize businesses and individuals  who have made a significant contribution to downtown Lincoln. Terry Uland, DLA  president, explains, “Anne’s ambition and vitality has encouraged other  galleries to move downtown to be part of the thriving art community she helped  create. Additionally, she inspired many developers to see the value in  resurrecting run-down buildings – a movement that helped turned the Haymarket  into the vibrant area it is today.”
Bierdz adds, “Anne is an extraordinary role model. A gifted landscape  artist, she shares her knowledge and abilities inspiring new generations, and  even implementing a multi-level support system. We at AAA applaud her spirit and  productivity, and are so proud to have The Burkholder Project as a 2013 American  Art Awards Gallery.”Eric_Stearns
Burkholder Project  719 P Street Haymarket District Lincoln,  NE 68508 402-477-3305
Anne Burkholder, ‘Spring Wheat, Saunders County’, oil, 12” x 24”,  $1600
Pam King, ‘Jutta’s Nautilus’, Pendant, Sold
Julie McCullough, ‘Badger Junction’, Assemblage, $400
John Nollendorfs, ‘Hot Pool’, Photograph on canvas, 16” x 24”, $225  (stretched)
Sharon Ohmberger, ‘Aurora, Dawn Goddess’, Slab-built earthenware, 11w x 17h  x 5d, $580
Patricia Scarborough, ‘Bessey’s Legacy’, Pastel, 13” x 17”, $850
Alan Smith, ‘Evening Light’, Photograph on canvas, 24” x 36”, $245
Eric Stearns, ‘Scab’, Raku Pottery, 9” diameter x 5”h, $375
Katrina Methot Swanson, ‘Musical Chairs’, oil, 31” x 41”, $1950
Richard Terrell, ‘We Shall Not All Sleep . . .’, oil, 54” x 72”,  $3500
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   BURKHOLDER PROJECT  and President Thom Bierdz/Sean Lambert Photography
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