Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

Barbara Walters Reportedly Plans To Retire In 2014, Say Reports, Highlight Hollywood News

Some people say, you have to work forever to be fulfilled. Others say, if you have achieved the American dream, as Barbara Walters has done, it’s time to hang up your hat and enjoy the roses and flowers of life.  Well, it looks like after years at ABC, and 16 years as the producer and host of ABC’s “The View,” our lady Barbara may feel like she’s had enough.  Reports say, in 2014, yes, next year, the beautiful senior plans on saying goodbye. 
And if you are incredulous, you are not alone.   “I’m tempted to say that I really can’t imagine Barbara retiring,” Dan Rather told me on Thursday, as rumors of Walters’s impending announcement reached critical mass. “Her whole life has been a triumph of the will.”



Gossip maven and syndicated columnist  Liz Smith, a longtime friend of the television powerhouse, recalled doing a magazine interview with Walters a couple of years ago. “She said she wanted to give it all up. And I didn’t believe her.”


Going out on a HIGH NOTE is everyone’s dream in this industry.  Few leave on their own, so if Barbara in fact does what she’s reported to be planning, good on her!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: ABC/Disney
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