Congratulations To Eli Reimer, At Age 15 And Dealing With Down Syndrome Reaches Mt. Everest’s Base Camp, Highlight Hollywood News

Eli Reimer made history this week, and everyone should applaud.  In a nation that celebrates wealth, beauty (determined by one small group), and supremacy over everyone else on the planet, without having the empathy we so need to have, 15-year-old Eli proved that no one can keep you down, if you have a dream, even if they may deem you inferior, which is their loss, not yours.  After 10 days, 17,000 feet and 70 miles, the Oregon teenager became the first person with Down syndrome to reach Mt. Everest’s base camp in Nepal after climbing alongside his father Justin.

“It was humbling, it was inspiring, just an amazing moment,” Justin told HLN in an interview Sunday.   Recalling the trek, Justin says it was Eli, 15, who lead the group.  “He was actually leading us on the trail and we were the ones feeling our own sense of disability,” he said. “It was no big deal to him, the rest of us were sucking wind.”



As for what Eli and Justin hope to accomplish with their climb, Justin says it’s about understanding.



“I think the number one thing is for anybody who has a child with a disability or who is impacted by disability in some way to really understand that it’s not outside of the scope of really God’s goodness,” Justin explained. “Eli’s life and the lives of those with disability have infinite worth and they can do great things.”




Please remember others on this planet, who you may not believe have anything offer.  Sometimes people prove that they are not only equally as worthy as you, but possibly, in Eli’s situation, much more superior than those who see weakness.





Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: The Elisha Foundation
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