Fox Silliness Calling Themselves Journalists, While Attacking Jim Carrey On His First Amendment Rights, The Propaganda Machine Of The GOP Is Laughable Now, Highlight Hollywood News

The National Enquirer breaks the John Edwards affair  and love child story, all the major television network news agencies break stories about Pentagon waste, White House news, you name it. Fox? They fight over a dead celebrity that frankly would not even like them if he were still alive, they fight a major Hollywood heavyweight like Jim Carrey, and then belittle themselves further, because they don’t like Jim Carrey’s right to free speech.  But, like the Islamic terrorists, they want their own version of Right Wing Sharia Law in the U.S., and they wonder why their party, the GOP is failing so miserably with the public.
I’m a gun owner, and still say, that Jim Carrey has the right to make any video he deems humorous or educational.  He has every right that these Fox News bullies think they have, and when the espouse the U.S. Constitution, which no one at FOX has read or could understand, even if some Constitutional scholar read it and tried to explain it to them, continue to attack Carrey, who is beloved in Hollywood, and only extreme right wing zealots are even listening to Fox.  Oh, that’s the point, isn’t it?
Mr. Carrey’s fan base is broad and wide, people all over the world, and all over the U.S. of every political persuasion support his work, because he’s a comedic and thespian genius.  That being said, Fox panders to America’s bigoted underbelly, and their attacks against Carrey are laughable.
They prove to the world, that they are the only journalistic news agency, that doesn’t believe in Freedom of Speech in America, unless you promote and propagandize GOP right wing talking points.  Oh, that’s right, my mistake, Fox isn’t a journalistic news agency, and now  after being bitter that they helped destroy any small chance Mitt “47 Percent” Romney ever had at winning an election, now they make a mockery further of themselves.
Jim Carrey’s millions of fans stand behind him, and you can be assured, his career is ROCK SOLID! And will continue to be!  I knew Charlton Heston personally, and none of the Fox crowd ever met him, unless it was at a book signing, and he would think the GOP of Fox And Friends is laughable.  Ronald Reagan wouldn’t even embrace these nuts.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Bravo, Inside The Actors Studio
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