Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

Fox’s ‘American Idol’ Thursday Night, Who Went Home? One Guess, It Was Definitely No Surprise, Highlight Hollywood News

“American Idol” has had viewers on the edge of their seats all season.   And some of the biggest stars made their debut on the hit Fox series.  On Thursday night, after a tough judging night, filled with lots of criticism, who survived?  Before host  Ryan Seacrest was able to give the results, Kree Harrison got a very cool surprise. Aretha Franklin left her a message that she loved Harrison’s version of “Don’t Play That Song,” and made a prediction: “You aren’t going anywhere.” So when Seacrest told Harrison she was safe, it was sort of anticlimactic. The Queen of Soul had already declared it. Seacrest couldn’t have sent Harrison home if he had tried.

Within moments, the four remaining women were declared safe, despite Angie Miller’s problematic performance on Wednesday. Plus, it was an all-guy bottom three of Lazaro Arbos, Devin Velez and Burnell Taylor.    “I’m sitting here nervous and praying,” Mariah Carey said to the very nervous contestants. “I’m very attached to these guys.”

Vying for the judge’s one save, Velez delivered a strong rendition of “Impossible” by Perry Como. The audience seemed to love him, chanting “Save! Save! Save!” But despite the crowd’s enthusiasm, the judges weren’t unanimous, making him the third consecutive male finalist to leave the competition.

Not a surprising night, but a good night, just the same!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Michael Becker/Fox
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