Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

Frank Valentini’s Measured And Extremely Brilliant Running Of ‘General Hospital’ Keeps The Show Strong At 50-Years-Young, Don’t Miss This Week’s Episodes, Highlight Hollywood News

What happened to “General Hospital” in 2012?  Genius Frank Valentini, the show’s brilliantly gifted and handsome Executive Producer and his creative partner Head Writer Ron Carlivati went into ABC Studios and took a soap that was literally D.O.A., and within months turned it into daytime television’s best drama.  With the help of casting genius, five-time Emmy Award-winning Casting Director Mark Teschner, the show’s cast and crew are solid 50-years from the time “General Hospital” first appeared on ABC Television one-half century ago.  These three men have transformed and essentially saved ABC Daytime, and guess what? They are so busy doing what they do so well, that they don’t have time to brag about it, so it’s Highlight Hollywood’s great honor, with our millions of readers to offer these men the acclaim they so richly deserve.
So, if you have turned off the soaps over the years, I promise you, “General Hospital” will give you the reasons to reengage and spend an hour of fantasy, love, FrankValentiniromance and mayhem, just the things you once loved about this show and so many others.  Thanks to Frank Valentini and writer Ron Carlivati, all these things have returned, and more.
Don’t miss a day of “General Hospital” in the month of April!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  ABC
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