He’s Baacck! Yes, The Governor And David Morrissey Return For Season Four In October On AMC’s Hit Zombie Drama ‘The Walking Dead’, Highlight Hollywood News

The Governor will return on AMC’s The Walking Dead.  David Morrissey will be back when the zombie drama comes back for a fourth season in the fall, THR reported, and Highlight Hollywood confirmed on Sunday night.    The British actor initially signed on for a one-season role to play the famed villain from the comics created by Robert Kirkman on which the TV series is based. When his casting was announced in February 2012, AMC noted the actor would “appear in The Walking Dead season three.”

During Sunday’s third season finale, with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the Governor headed for war, the ruthless leader of Woodbury brutally gunned down the bulk of his army and hit the road with two dedicated soldiers. It left the door open for the confrontation to continue when the series returns for its likely October bow.




In the Image/Skybound comics, the Governor fails to survive a brutal showdown at the prison with Rick. Many speculated that the character would be among the dead when the series wrapped its bloody third season, which most recently claimed regulars Laurie Holden (Andrea), Michael Rooker (Merle) and recurring player Dallas Roberts (Milton).




Look out Michonne and Rick!






Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Gene Page/AMC
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