Highlight Hollywood’s Contributor Yamileth Palacios Spoke Exclusively With ‘The Walking Dead’s’ IronE Singleton At Monster-Mania Con

The Gran Ballroom C or Pavilion at the Crown Plaza, Cherry Hill, NJ was buzzing with great energy this past Saturday. Fans attended in mass to have the opportunity to see, greet , get an autograph and pictures with their beloved celebrities.  Among those talents in attendance was the talented IronE Singleton better know as T-Dog. As soon as you entered the room you knew IronE was in the house,  this man’s energy is so strong that resistance is futile.
The line to go see Irone was almost as long as the I-95 Corridor on the east coast, but people waited and IronE greeted each and every one of them with that amazing smile of his, plus hugs and warm welcome. 
I had the privilege of being seated with him after every fan went home with a big smile on their faces, so now it was my turn and he was more than happy to have a conversation with us.  Being the avid fan of The Walking Dead that I am as well as IronE’s fan, I couldn’t wait a minute more to start asking all sorts of questions to which, he patiently answered. Now, we talked about T-Dog and got to ask him, what  great fun it was for the handsome actor to play him, and to ask who he did not work with that he would’ve loved to have worked with, and of course, we also talked about Merle.
We asked him to speculate, that if T-Dog wouldn’t had been killed-off this season, what he thinks would have happened when Merle came back to the prison with Daryl. The actor laughed at the image of that moment to which he simply said, “ It would’ve been a showdown no doubt but at the end they would have had made amends” answered the star. I have no doubt this would had made great TV.
When prompted about which cast member he did  work with, that he enjoyed the answer was out of his mouth before I was done asking him. “Danai,” he said big smile on his face… “Oh, yeah, Michone”!
We continued talking bits here and there, but the handsome star was always smiling and in good spirits,  that it was impossible to limit one’s self to onlya few questions. But time was of the essence, because IronE had other business to attend.
So, we wanted to know about his future endeavors and projects and he told us about his book  “Blindsided by the Walking Dead,” and at this moment the actor’s face was filled with pride and satisfaction.  “This book is my crown achievement and I’m very proud of it”, he said…
The book is PG-13 so, be aware of your kids reading it, at least not the young kiddies. But if you want some inspirational reading, I’ll suggest you pick up this book.
Sadly, times flies, especially when you are having a great time and our conversation with IronE, but it  had to come to an end, not without first sending  a big hug and kisses to all the Highlight Hollywood readers and a big shout out to Tommy!
On my part personally,  the night couldn’t have ended on a better note.  All of us, at Highlight Hollywood wish IronE the best of luck in all his projects and future plans.
IronE, you’re an inspiration to us all…Keep pressing brother!!
Here’s a video clip from the interview, courtesy: Antonia Roman
Written By: Yamileth  Palacios with Reporting by

Natasha Ononogbo, Antonia Roman and  Laura Pfeifer
Photographs are Courtesy:   Natasha Ononogbo  VIDEO by Antonia Roman
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