Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Highlight Hollywood’s Leading Men Gold Standard: Jesse Metcalfe, Anthony Geary And Don Diamont, Real Drama On Screen, That Is!

This week’s Leading Men Gold Standard goes to three superior actors, who had highly emotional scenes this week, but handled them as pros.  They tackle their work with a unique professionalism that is of the Golden Era of Hollywood. They are not only handsome, but extremely gifted in their profession, and they also outshined so many other leading male performances all week on both primetime and daytime television.  This week’s top guys include: Jesse Metcalfe, who portrays scion Christopher Ewing on TNT’s “Dallas,” Anthony Geary, the venerable superstar of ABC’s “General Hospital,” who plays Luke Spencer and Don Diamont, who blasts out of the TV set as the billionaire, always in trouble and in control $Bill Spencer on CBS’s megahit “The Bold and the Beautiful.”  These men are tops in this industry, and for good reason.

With Jesse Metcalfe’s mesmerizing performance this week on the hit series “Dallas,” it was a marathon of emotion.  First, Christopher felt shock when he JesseMetcalfe-DallasChristopherEwingrealized the explosion on board the rig injured his ex-Rebecca.  Soon his shock became real, when they ended up at the hospital, only to find out that his unborn twins were in jeopardy.  Christopher not only blamed himself, but also John Ross and even the Dallas authorities, initially.  That shock was catapulted into anger when John Ross and Christopher figured out that Cliff Barnes caused the explosion to downgrade Ewing Energies stock, even though his pregnant daughter was on board the rig.  When Christopher and John Ross was about to tell Rebecca, they heard a code call from the nurses station, and then ran in to her room at the hospital, as moments so torturous were so graphically written, where a devastated Christopher had to watch on in horror and totally helpless watching the heart rates of his twins plummet.
Though Christopher was totally helpless, his portrayer was sensational, as Metcalfe really came into his own. He’s been terrific ever since last season, but he’s now put himself in a major category of top leading men after this Emmy-worthy performance.
“Dallas” airs Monday nights on TNT.
And when Anthony Geary returns to “General Hospital” it’s always big news!  When Anthony and Genie Francis both return together, it’s a shift in Hollywood so big, that a major earthquake is bound to follow. Port Charles will never be the same, as Luke and Helena faced off on Friday in a shocking episode, that only leading man Anthony Geary could bring to TV.    Geary’s powerful performances are legendary, but it just seems so entertaining when he makes things seem so genuine, so organic and so fresh.  He’s no one-note leading man, not by any stretch, and fans of this show for the past 50-years, can hardly wait to see where showrunner Frank Valentini, who frankly is handsome enough to be on screen himself, plans to take Luke and Laura, with only Tony Geary able to pull it off.
“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.
And then there is Dollar Bill, or $Bill Spencer, who is played by magnetic and handsome leading man, Don Diamont, who is multi-talented, and lucky for “B&B” viewers, he has daytime’s best writer, three-time Emmy Award-winner Bradley P. Bell bringing us continued drama.  This week Bill flirted with sister-in-law Brooke Logan, argued with wife Katie, drank with his Greek Princess secretary and then ultimately stood his ground and told Katie, how much he missed having her in his bed, “I miss my wife,” Bill yelled.  Katie’s become tone-deaf and Brooke’s on the make, it’s enough to make a guy drink too much! Oops, he did, Bill took a drive after having a bit too much to drink and now faces big trouble, and I mean bigger than Katie’s wrath for him.
Don Diamont has perfected the role of $Bill, he’s made the role so exciting that we can’t seem to take our eyes off the guy for a split second, and you’d better not either.  Don knows his stuff, and he is just magnificent to watch, and we hope to have him on “B&B” for years to come.  With a show of so many great actors, Don Diamont stands head and shoulders above the pack of leading men.
“The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Jesse Metcalfe by Actor’s Website and TNT, Anthony Geary/ABC  and Don Diamont by Gilles Toucas/Bell Phillip Television Productions
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