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Highlight Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard: Sharon Case, Genie Francis And Audrey Landers, Blondes Definitely Have More Fun

This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard was the toughest week editors at Highlight Hollywood had in months.  So many brilliant performances on both primetime and daytime television, and the return of one

Fox Silliness Calling Themselves Journalists, While Attacking Jim Carrey On His First Amendment Rights, The Propaganda Machine Of The GOP Is Laughable Now, Highlight Hollywood News

The National Enquirer breaks the John Edwards affair  and love child story, all the major television network news agencies break stories about Pentagon waste, White House news, you name it. Fox? They


Highlight Hollywood is proud to reveal the 2013 American Art Awards choice  for Best Gallery In Nebraska. “Burkholder Project is wonderfully diverse  productive gallery environment with stunning art,” says Thom Bierdz, president  of

Grouchy Ron Drops Soulful But Modern Music In ‘Electronic Masturbation’ On Friday, Available At iTunes And Other Digital Stores, Highlight Hollywood News

Grouchy Ron is a new artist to you, but not to me. I’ve known of Ron’s incredible music talent for decades.  However, for those of you who don’t know who this young

Highlight Hollywood Gives A Special Easter Weekend Report To Kevin Trask’s ‘That’s Entertainment’ On Saturday Night In The U.S. On Hollywood News, Don’t Miss Us!

Yes, that’s the normal time for “That’s Entertainment” on Sunday morning in Melbourne. But, for listeners in the United States, check us out with Kevin Trask on Saturday, 6:30 p.m. PST (West

Handsome Jim Carrey Blasts Fox News “A Last Resort For Kinda-Sorta-Almost-Journalists’, While Right Wingers Call Latinos Wetbacks And Ben Johnson Lumps Gay Marriage To Pedophilia, Highlight Hollywood News

As if the Republican party hasn’t realized that Fox, or Faux News has created a downfall for them, becoming their right-wing propaganda machine, this week Dr. Ben Johnson, who like Herman Cain

U.S. Navy Seal Was Killed At Arizona’s Pinal Airpark Facility On Thursday, Highilght Hollywood News

A U.S. Navy SEAL was killed and another was injured in a training accident in Arizona, a U.S. Department of Defense official said Friday.  The accident occurred Thursday at a U.S. Special

David Benioff And Dan Weiss On ‘A Strom Of Swords’ And Two Days Until ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Three Debuts, Highlight Hollywood News

With only two days to go, fans wonder if this is going to be the best season for HBO’s epic hit “Game of Thrones?”  Well, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have

Countdown! VIDEO! TWO Days To Go Before The Third Season Premiere Of ‘Game Of Thrones’, Inside The Wildling Camp, Highlight Hollywood News

The days are getting shorter, night is coming, Winter is Coming! And inside the Wildling camp, with the King Beyond The Wall, Mance Rayder, is a dangerous place, and our favorite hero

Unbelievable Sunday Night As ‘The Walking Dead’ Prepares For Its Third Season Finale On AMC, Death Is Promised, Highlight Hollywood News

If a picture is worth a thousands words; then these exclusive AMC photographs of the finale coming up in three days on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” equal a dictionary.  As we know, Andrea’s