Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Highlight Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard: Sharon Case, Genie Francis And Audrey Landers, Blondes Definitely Have More Fun

This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard was the toughest week editors at Highlight Hollywood had in months.  So many brilliant performances on both primetime and daytime television, and the return of one of television’s most iconic characters and actresses, Genie Francis was absolutely sensational.  From the moment Laura showed up, there was trouble, and by the end of the episode on Friday, Laura, played by stunner Genie Francis had a gun in her face, by wickedly evil but gorgeous Helena Cassadine, played by superstar Constance Towers.  So, this week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard has to goes to:  Sharon Case, who portrays Sharon Newman, on CBS’s number-one hit drama “The Young and the Restless,”  Genie Francis, who portrays long suffering Laura Spencer on ABC’s “General Hospital” and Audrey Landers, who portrays sexy and meddling Afton Cooper Barnes on TNT’s hit show “Dallas.”

These three ladies had stiff competition over the past week, but they somehow came out on top of their game!  Sharon Case has been playing her A-Game for YRSneak1227_article_300x240most of the last decade on CBS’s “The Young and the Restless,” from bipolar loose lady in Genoa City, to socialite and often-times a Newman wife, and now a businesswoman, who is devastated by the shooting of the man she loves.  Case has played every “Y&R” storyline brilliantly. She is perhaps the most underrated daytime star, and being so beautiful doesn’t help her cause.  Because many people see her gorgeous face, sexy body and think, that’s all this diva has in store for them.  But, it’s not.  She is so spot-on every scene she plays, and storylines as well.   This week we watched a very confident and beautiful Sharon collapse into an emotional puddle when Adam was shot at his father’s wedding.  Case just embodies leading lady, she belongs on the short list of Hollywood’s greatest stars, and I’d put her up against any of our $25 Million Oscar-winning leading ladies any day.
She is powerful, brilliant and a genius on screen, and when it calls for Sharon to play any particular characteristic, you can be assured, Case is on the case!  She has all the right stuff, and there had better be an Emmy Award in this blonde stunner’s future!  Hell, give her three or four!
Genie Francis slipped out of her role of Genevieve on CBS’s “Y&R,” with class and style.  And showed up on daytime’s BEST SOAP of 2012-2013 in the role she made so iconic, that she set the bar higher for every leading lady in her field.  Francis is not only beautiful, but as Laura, we love her.  And this week, Laura and the man she’s loved for close to three-decades went on the search for their daughter Lulu, only to end up at the end of evil Helena Cassadine’s gun barrel.  Francis played each scene so flawlessly. From searching for her daughter, Laura then became frightened for Lulu’s sake, and ultimately was comforted by Luke, and then all HELLS broke loose, yes, Hells means Helena.  Francis without a blink played her role with perfection and gave us a reminder why we love her so very much on “General Hospital,” and you’ll love her even more next week.  Don’t miss “GH,” it’s been on for 50-years for a good reason.  Debonair Frank Valentini has revived the show to its heyday, and Francis is just sublime as Laura!
Welcome home to Port Charles, Laura, or wherever exotic locale we find you at the hands of billionaire Greek goddess Helena.
AudreyLandersAudrey Landers is BAAACK!!!  What a divine diva she still is, even post 40 on the hottest primetime soap in American TV history.  This week Afton showed up and pissed off Sue Ellen, who still holds a grudge because Afton slept with J.R. decades ago, and was called a social-climber by Sue Ellen as well.  Landers, who is one of the sweetest actors I’ve ever met, and had the pure joy of interviewing is back to no-good as Afton, the conniving mother of Pamela Barnes on “Dallas.”  I enjoyed Audrey’s scenes with on-screen daughter, and what about her scenes with Jesse Metcalfe (Christopher Ewing) and also  Josh Henderson (John Ross Ewing)?  I see a 21st Century Cougar in the making.  Landers brought a more mature, but still sexy and exciting Afton to “Dallas” this week, and even proved her acting chops when dramatic scenes came at the end of the episode, as Afton lost both of her grandbabies.
It’s so wonderful to see Audrey back on “Dallas,” and let us hope for more of her.   And a heck of a lot more of the other two leading ladies; Sharon and Genie as well.
“The Young and the Restless” airs weekdays on CBS, “General Hospital” continues its 50th Anniversary celebration weekdays on ABC and “Dallas” airs Monday nights only on TNT!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Sharon Case by CBS/Sony, Genie Francis/ABC and Audrey Landers/IMDB
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