Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Talented Actor Dallas Roberts, Who Portrays Milton Says, ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Three Finale Is ‘Epic’, Highlight Hollywood News

“The Walking Dead’s” The Governor dropped a zombie bomb on the prison, strapped Andrea to a dentist’s chair in his torture chamber, and – last week – bit off Merle Dixon’s fingers during a duel to the death just outside Woodbury, but Milton Mamet is still hoping his leader and friend can come back from the brink. “Is the core of that person still in this sort of man who seems to be going mad, and, is there a way to pull that back?” actor Dallas Roberts told of Milton’s thoughts on his friend, Phillip, who is gearing up for a bloodbath with the prison gang in the show’s Season 3 finale this Sunday night on AMC. “I think Milton will fight, as hard as he can to pull The Governor back.”

Though viewers know that’s next to impossible, if not totally an impossibility at this point.   Milton’s evolution is a big part of being around Andrea.  What DallasRobertsasMilton-TWDdoes the handsome actor think about that?  “I think that’s been the fun part about playing Milton. Obviously, when she first shows up in Woodbury, she can’t have been the first pretty young thing who fell under The Governor’s spell, and Milton must have seen that happen time and time again, so I don’t think he afforded her much respect or sort of even thought, and then being confronted with her and [Andrea] showing him that she has value to him and to the community has made him sort of rethink that and now he’s got his two people in Woodbury — The Governor and Andrea and they’re both going in opposite directions and he’s trying to figure out which way to go — with one of them or by himself. He’s torn between two lovers as it were (laughs).”




But don’t think he’s some wimp, “He certainly… looks The Governor in the eye and without saying [it], says, I did it. If you go way, way back to the beginning, one of the first conversations they had — Andrea and Michonne are pulled into Woodbury and The Governor sends Merle off to deal with them and Milton says, ‘If I may say’ and The Governor says, ‘I always welcome your input,’ and Milton says, ‘I don’t think that’s the right move, to leave Merle with them.’ So there’s a history of him being able to talk bluntly with The Governor without fear of reprisal. I’m not sure he thinks whether there’s going to be reprisals or not. The Governor has changed – I think the Governor has changed more than Milton has changed,” said Dallas Robert.



Though, what about Andrea in the dentist torture chair?  As if we needed to see that before our next checkup? “He has it in him. Whether he will be or not we’ll find out on Sunday,” said the actor.



So, what does he think viewers will feel at the end of tonight’s exciting episode? “I think that nobody’s gonna feel let down. You’re gonna feel satisfied, but you’re definitely gonna want more. It’s epic and I don’t say that lightly. It’s epic.”



You heard the man, E-P-I-C!




“The Walking Dead” Season 3 finale airs Sunday night at 9 PM on AMC.



Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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