‘The Walking Dead’ Finale ‘Welcome To The Tombs’ Has Carl Turned Into The Governor? Highlight Hollywood News

The latest season of  “The Walking Dead” has concluded, and it says a lot that Andrea was the one who sacrificed herself for the good of two teams, while Carl seems to be walking on the edge of disaster, becoming a cold-blooded killer, or making the right decision ultimately?  “Welcome to the Tombs” was not a disappointment, the show ended on a  blaze of glory, with Team Woodbury being massacred by the Governor, and Rick, Michonne and Daryl bringing in the survivors to live in the prison.  However, before that point, it was definitely a wild ride!The  first shot of the Season 3 premiere was of a zombie eyeball. The first  shot of the finale is of The Governor’s one good eye. Although, can we really  call it a “good” eye? We see him beating on someone, then hear that  it’s not Andrea, it’s Milton. Oh, Milton. You had to know he was going  to end up in this position when he openly defied The Gov. “Time for you  to graduate.” “You kill or you die.” “What would your daughter think  about what you are?” ”She’d be afraid of me. But if I’d been like this  from the start she’d be alive today.” Milton wants to know if The Governor  killed Andrea. Then the Governor brings Milton to see Andrea. He needs to use her  for something. Milton grabs The Governor’s tools, but drops something for  Andrea.




It’s  Milton’s way of proving himself. He can’t leave the room until he does  it. Kill or die. These people would love Game of Thrones. NICE move from  Milton to try and kill The Governor  instead. Well played, sir.  Milton. Though  the Governor isn’t done being sadistic. He stabs Milton, but not through the head. He leaves him to turn into a walker so  he can attack Andrea. You kill or you die … or you die and you kill. So  many options!



Everyone  is packing up. It looks like they are leaving the prison. Carl looks at  an old family photo and Rick’s sheriff’s badge. Carl is pissed at his  dad? Is it for the Michonne lie, and even considering the idea? Glenn:  “I’ve never seen him this mad. Even with Lori.” Rick: “He’s still a kid.  It’s easy to forget.” You have two kids, Rick. Forget that too? He sees  Lori again. She’s more present now than she ever was when she was  alive. At least she’s quiet now. Daryl and Carol have a moment. Daryl  says Merle never did anything like that his whole life. Carol says he  gave them a chance. Yeah, but the also got Woodbury fired up against  them because they think Team Prison killed those eight people instead of  just Merle. Michonne understands that Rick had to consider the deal. He  apologizes but she gets it. She also thanks him for taking her in.  Bonding session! Future romance? They would make a hot couple. Just saying. She’s less of a Lady Macbeth than Lori. Carl made the call to keep Michonne, Rick said. “He said you belonged  here. You’re one of us.” Carl also fired his dad as leader a couple of  episodes back. Is Carl going to defy his dad?



Tyrese and Sasha made the right decision and they tell The Gov to count them out. They didn’t sign up  for a war with people. They know who is at the prison. They say they will stay and defend the children of Woodbury. The Gov gives  them a gun. Says “thank you.” A lot of thanking going on right now. Then, Team Woodbury led by a deranged Governor attacks the prison.  The  Woodbury group opens fire on the prison grounds, helpfully disposing of  most of the walkers they led there a few episodes ago. But are there  any people left to kill here? Team Prison set up booby traps before they  left, ala Morgan. Oh the heartbeat music is starting.


“Welcome to the Tombs!”   Just seconds after the Governor realizes he’s been set up and drawn into a trap, he reads a highlighted verse in the Bible, that Hershel left open for him.   “And shall come forth; they  that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have  done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.”
Before  Milton turns, he tells Andrea about the pliers he dropped. He wants her  to stab him with something sharp once she’s free. So he’s in the Monty  Python zone now – he’s not dead yet.  But, then he dies, and turns, and Andrea is in a fight for her life.  Ultimately she loses, but at her own hands.
In  the woods, Carl has his gun on some Woodbury kid who is about to drop  his weapon. He drops it, but not before Carl drops him. Carl shot him.  CARL HAS GONE ROGUE, Y’ALL. The child soldier is a future Governor?


Tyreese  and company shoot at them, until a woman from Woodbury, Karen, calls  out to Tyreese and tells him how The Governor killed everyone. Team  Prison saved her. Rick told Tyreese they came there to finish things. So  … while they are in Woodbury, what’s happening to The Gov and the other  prison folks? Tyreese learns some of the dirty details about The Gov,  like how he held Glenn and Maggie.  They  reach Andrea’s room and open the door. They see Milton dead. Michonne  runs to Andrea, who is alive. She’s sick again, like at the start of the  season. AND SHE’S BIT! Dang it. Why didn’t she work harder to get those  dang pliers? Wow. They really did a disservice to her character this  season. She lives so much longer in the comics. Why couldn’t they have  her get redemption by killing The Governor? She didn’t want anyone to  die, but … well, she’s the anti-Carl. Carl doesn’t mind killing  everyone. We hear the gunshot behind the closed door, as Michonne sobs. “I tried.”

Everyone is still at the prison at the end of the season. It’s a quiet ending. No mouths agape. Tyreese leads a bus filled with Woodbury people into the prison. Rick tells Carl they are going to join the group. Carl walks away. Carl is trouble. Hershel is welcoming. “Welcome to the Tombs”! Where is The Governor?
“The Walking Dead” returns in the fall!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Gene Page/AMC
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