We Return To Westeros, White Walkers Are Here! ‘Game Of Thrones’ First Episode Of The Season Was Awesome, Plus A Sneak-Peek (VIDEO) At Next Week’s Episode, Highlight Hollywood News

As the exciting episode began, poor Samwell Tarly was running through the Icy barren land trying to avoid White Walkers and Whites.  When he happened upon a man’s body, and then realized the White Walkers had beaten him there.  He also was confronted by a White Walker, who thanks to a wolf and the other Night’s Watchman saved Sam, and then he was chastised for forgetting to send the ravens to warn all of Westeros that White Walkers were out of hibernation.  Sam may have disappointed the Night’s Watch, but “Game of Thrones” did not disappoint its viewers and fans.  The long-awaited return was incredible!

Poor Tyrion Lannister!  He’s just a mess, to quote his mistress. The diminutive, and now physically battle-scarred, audience  stand-in lost his Hand of the King privileges and received confirmation that he  will never be lord of Lannister homestead Casterly Rock. His brutally honest father really lit into him, unfairly, and it was heartbreaking to see him suffer.  But, just know, Tyrion will get the last word!
It is pretty clear now  that father, sister, nephew, and just about everyone hates Tyrion save for  sellsword Bronn, and even he jacked up his price.  But, Joffrey’s bride-to-be is going to be a handful for the monarch.  Jon Snow, he really had a tough night, he was in the  Cold,  Fraught, and did I say,  Cold?   He stood up to Mance Rayder, who has his life in his hands.  But, it was worth seeing Jon’s shocked face once he saw his first GIANT!
NO longer the poor Mother of Dragons, Danaerys Targaryan managed to get her ship, but her troops are seasick, having never been on the sea.   She’s got flying  fire-breathing dragon, and she’s found a practically invincible slave-army up  for sale. No more wandering the desert or meddling with merchants for her.  But, what a brutal slave owner he is.  Dany also had a run-in with a little girl, so she thought.  The girl turns out to be a spell cast on her by the Warlocks, her dragons killed last season.
The real light in the show tonight was, the gorgeous Margaery Tyrell.  She’s already made an enemy out of her groom-to-be’s mom, Queen Cersei.   True, she’s betrothed to cowardly sociopath,  but the newest addition to King’s Landing plays the game of thrones like she  plans to win. With brazen walks through the muddy market, the tender care of  orphaned children, and the gentle reminder to Cersei that it is the Tyrell  family’s generosity supporting Joffrey’s crown, we have the makings of a real  regal powerhouse.
The Red Priestess, Melisandre is truly demonic with the fire of hell within her now.   Last season she wanted to go to Blackwater Bay. Davos  said maybe not. Stannis made her stay behind. They lost the war, and almost everyone died. She  reminds Davos, which causes him to go crazy with rage, and is sent to the dungeon where it is always dark  and full of terrors.
But, the fear of the Night’s Watch is just beginning, and Margaery’s beautiful grandmother, the Thorn Queen arrives next week. Here’s an exclusive peek at what you can expect!


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Helen Sloan/HBO
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