Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

NRA’s Stance For Background Checks Stood Until Obama Became President, And We Know Why, Gunowners Have Nothing To Celebrate, Highlight Hollywood News

Fox News revelers are so juvenile, that they somehow see this strident stand by the NRA as patriotic and level-headed as they did when the GOP sent out Tea Party bigots to call the first African American President, whose mother was a white woman from Kansas, a nigger, a Muslim, scary and dangerous.  That backfired, and yet, losing a major election in 2012, and an approval rating for the party lower than most of the GOP politicians IQ’s just seems to be the next move in this jockeying by the NRA/GOP, yes, they are tied together.  Mitt Romney lost an election because he racially insulted a group of people, adamantly saying his reign would be more brutal than no immigration law reforms itself.  And now the GOP is attempting to block immigration reform, led by a man, who is the son of two Cuban born parents, and yet, he’s stupid enough to believe the GOP would put him up for their leader, when they don’t respect a half-white man, whose grandfather was a WW II hero, just because his father was African.

However, the NRA’s joy and short-sighted celebration has already began to come as a cost. They have essentially become the way the GOP and the unpopular Tea Party has become seen, as standing flatly against Obama, even if it means self destruction.  You see, bigots never see that their behavior costs them friends, family, respect. They just hate because they simply don’t know any better.
As a gun owner and the son and grandson of sportsmen, I am not speaking on behalf of people who do not believe guns have a place in our society. Having had several stalkers over the past two decades, the last one being a deranged schizophrenic, I can assure you, that I have a right to protect myself, and know how.   But watching the GOP and NRA, which are intertwined go on this mission to be the obstructionists is pathetic. We have deficits that George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan created (ignore the right wing Facebook propaganda) and get the facts; Mr. Reagan grew government, he only said he hated government. That was not true, but the fools still fall for the propaganda, because they do not know history, they do not understand economics and they listen to right wing talk radio and Fox News, whose corporate sponsors are making record profits and laying off every single worker they can add to the pink-slip list. 
On Thursday, Adolphus Busch IV, heir to the Busch family brewing fortune, resigned his lifetime membership in the National Rifle Association on Thursday, writing in a letter to NRA President David Keene, “I fail to see how the NRA can disregard the overwhelming will of its members who see background checks as reasonable.”

The resignation came a day after the Senate rejected a series of amendments to a gun control bill, including a bipartisan deal to expand background checks for gun sales. The NRA had vigorously opposed all those measures.



“The NRA I see today has undermined the values upon which it was established,” wrote Busch. “Your current strategic focus clearly places priority on the needs of gun and ammunition manufacturers while disregarding the opinions of your 4 million individual members.”



Reached for comment on Busch’s resignation, NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told The Huffington Post, “We disagree with his characterization, but we wish him all the best.”



Sounds like the Romney propaganda machine when blacks asked him why he was paling around with bigot Donald Trump.  Busch joined the pro-gun organization in 1975 and has spoken before of his love of hunting. But the NRA has moved in a direction that Busch would not follow. “One only has to look at the makeup of the 75-member board of directors, dominated by manufacturing interests, to confirm my point. The NRA appears to have evolved into the lobby for gun and ammunition manufacturers rather than gun owners,” he wrote.



Busch told Keene, “It disturbs me greatly to see this rigid new direction of the NRA.” He singled out the gun lobby’s reversal of its 1999 position in favor of universal background checks, as well as its opposition to an assault weapons ban and a ban on high-capacity magazines. “I am simply unable to comprehend how assault weapons and large capacity magazines have a role in your vision,” he wrote.



“Was it not the NRA position to support background checks when Mr. LaPierre himself stated in 1999 that NRA saw checks as ‘reasonable’?” Busch wrote, referring to NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre’s testimony at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in the wake of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting.



At that time, LaPierre said the NRA believed that universal background checks were a “reasonable” choice. The group even took out ads in major newspapers that read, “We believe it’s reasonable to provide for instant background checks at gun shows, just like gun stores and pawn shops.”



One week after that hearing, LaPierre rolled out the same argument that he would use 14 years later to attack President Barack Obama’s gun safety proposals — namely, that until the government prosecutes more background check violations, there is no point in expanding them.

And despite what the right wingers think; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were Atheists. They did not get the words from the Constitution from God, like propagandists like to portray.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Smithsonian
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