Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

Vegas Bound Penthouse Beauty Taya Parker’s Exclusive Interview Days Before ‘Centerolds Of Magic’ Debuts At The Plaza, Highlight Hollywood News

Taya Parker, 2009 Penthouse “Pet of the Year” and 8 times as a Penthouse Magazine Covergirl, who is also the most published Penthouse Pet in history will be headlining a dazzling Vegas show starting on Wednesday, May 1. Taya will be hosting and performing in “Centerfolds of Magic” with  four other tantalizing female entertainers/illusionists. Taya tells Highlight Hollywood, “You saved my life, Tommy.  Just moments before I came to the interview, I was underwater.  So, thank you,” the stunner said, laughing.  This show is spectacular, it is not what many are thinking.  “If you love illusion or if you love beautiful ladies, you can expect both. It’s not just about topless beauties, Tommy.  We’ve worked and rehearsed so hard on this show, we wanted to make sure that the magic and illusions would be what people talk about when they leave our show.  Any woman can either be beautiful naturally, or be made to look beautiful.  But, the illusions are hard work, and we are putting an emphasis on them.”
In addition to Penthouse, the intelligent beauty has also graced the covers of Playboy and also has performed to stellar reviews in Las Vegas at: The Orleans, The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, The Stardust Hotel and Casino and The Sahara.  The beautiful ensemble will perform such magical feats as: legendary illusionist Doug Henning’s “Bumps In the Night,” sawing a lady in two in a clear box, a wild and crazy performance with Jekyll and Hyde in Bondage, sexy Zombies disappearing and reappearing on stage, famed magician Harry Houdini’s frightening water substitution, etc.
In addition, the show will open with the award-winning antics of comedian Joe Trammel, aka The “TV Guy.” Trammel has performed as a headliner in Vegas and on multiple Television specials.   Show production numbers will incorporate original music drawing on the rhythms of bands including: Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic, Neon Trees and Me.
When asked how she got her latest role. She laughed, and explained that she met a man years ago, who saw one of her performances, and when he decided to create “Centerfolds Of Magic,” he immediately thought of Taya.  “It’s important that you treat people right, and always give your work your all.  Because here I am years later, and someone I met remembered me for this part. I’m so touched, and very proud to be involved in this,” said Parker.  When asked if she was nervous, “Tommy, that’s putting it mildly. This is so different, the guests will be shocked by the amount of work we’ve put into these acts.  We have all rehearsed and put a LOT of work into this.  Rehearsals have been nonstop, and whenever I had a day off, I’m still here in a tank of water or whatever I have to do, to learn. I have a great deal of pressure on my shoulders to help make this a success, and so I’m giving it everything I have.”   She calls her latest benefactor, “someone who took a great leap of faith in me.” However, anyone who is smart enough to cast this beauty in a show, should do so.  She’s as intelligent, brilliant and talented as she is obviously beautiful.
Speaking so loyally of her Penthouse family, “Yes, it’s truly a family.  They have been so supportive of me, and all of the girls who have appeared in their pages.  They have been behind everything I have ever done.  When I appeared on ‘Rock of Love,’ they made a point of allowing me to be a part of that reality show.  Whether I am under contract with the magazine or not, they are always willing to work with me and allow me to do other things.  That’s just how they treat everyone,” said Parker.   When asked if she enjoyed “Rock of Love,” Taya laughed, and said, “It was a blast. I embrace every experienced I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of, and learn from everything.”  What immediately came to my mind upon interviewing Taya, was how absolutely intelligent she is, even more so than she is beautiful, as hard as that may be to believe.  And I’m not alone in my assessment.  Singer Bret Michaels describes her best, Taya Parker is fun, intelligent and a Penthouse Pet!”  While Robin Leached added, ““Taya Parker is unbelievable!”  “a Powerhouse!” “extraordinary!” “and conquering Las Vegas!”
Taya Parker has served as “Celebrity Ring Girl” for MTV2 and Spike TV’s Bellator MMA.   She has in addition, appeared and been a guest on various national television and radio shows such as: “Larry King Live,” VH1, MTV2, Spike TV, “The Howard Stern Show,” “Danny Bonaduce,”  “The Soup,” “Extra,” “The Insider,” “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” FOX News,  Fuse TV, “Opie and Anthony,” “Lex and Terry,” “VH1 Behind the Music,” and  even appeared on “Bubba The Love Sponge.”
Taya  has a tremendous Internet and social media source footprint, and uses it to of bring  awareness to a project on an established celebrity level.   She is described by everyone who has worked with her in the past, as a consummate professional and a delight to work with.  Annually, hundreds of thousands of people visit Taya’s official website, and I suggest you do as well. You’ll learn a LOT more about her there.  www.tayaparker.com
The beautiful star openly admitted that there is a stigma associated with posing nude or being a part of the adult entertainment industry.  But she stood her ground. “I would tell many people how professional most of the people I have worked with and work for, are.  Of course there is a bad experience to be had in any business.  But, I cannot stress enough the professionalism and respect people in this industry have given me.  I’m very excited to tell everyone who is heading to Vegas, to stop by and see our show, ‘Centerfolds of Magic.’ We have 19 acts, and we have all been rehearsing and giving it a hundred million percent.  We plan to knock your socks off,” concluded the brunette stunner, Taya Parker. 
Opening on Wednesday, May 1, with one day off (the show is Dark on Thursday), and then on Friday night, it all begins again.  Being a huge comic fans, Taya, who is the infamous Peter Parker’s younger sister, his younger, spicier sister is embracing in her act, her favorite superheroes, her favorite traditional magic illusionists and none other than Zombies, yes, Zombies as well! 
The show will open with the award-winning comedian Joe Trammel, aka The “TV Guy.”  Trammel has performed as a headliner in Vegas and on multiple Television specials.

The Plaza Hotel and Casino and Levinson & Lewis Entertainment announce the opening of “Centerfolds of Magic” on May 1st in the Plaza Hotel & Casino’s Showroom. The stunning ensemble of the sexiest topless female magicians in the world will run 6 nights a week (dark Thursday) at 11pm. Ticket prices range from $49-$69 and customers must be 18 years of age and older to attend.
Tickets can be purchased at The Plaza’s box office or online at www.plazahotelcasino.com
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Richard Faverty
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