EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! Internationally Respected ‘B&B’ Star Winsor Harmon Stars In, Co-Directs ‘Cathedral Canyon’, Which Will Be Released June 13, Major Buzz-Abounds, Highlight Hollywood News

Highlight Hollywood has learned that the actor Winsor Harmon with CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” which is the most watched drama on the planet for nearly a decade has wrapped and will be releasing “Cathedral Canyon,” the most important film release of 2013.  We spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the handsome and multi-talented thespian, who  has portrayed Thorne Forrester on CBS’s mega hit “B&B” since 1996 about his film, which has been gathering Oscar-buzz even before its release.  Insiders who have seen the film say it’s incredible, and Harmon is very proud of his work in it, which includes not only a starring role, but also co-producing and co-directing, a film he was willing to walk away from, if it wasn’t done right. “I am hoping that after this film is released, Tommy, that people will put pressure on the politicians in Washington to get our government to do something about this plight of young girls, being forced to marry and be raped by men, who use religion as an excuse to be predators,” said the handsome actor. 

Winsor put a lot of love, blood, sweat and tears into this film. Initially when he read the script, he thought it needed work, but was open to the other filmmakers, when they came back to him.  “When I read the script, I thought it was an incredible story.  But, it had major holes in it, and I told them, that if they were going to do this, and I was going to be a part of it, that it would have to worked on, and writing changes. Well, they eventually went to Michael Madsen and Daniel Baldwin, then the executive producer returned to me, and five years later, it’s done, and will be released at the Jerome Film Festival in June,” continued the actor, who also co-produced and co-directed “Cathedral Canyon.”HARMON
Winsor enlisted his co-star and TV dad, John McCook to play a politician in the film.  “John [McCook] flew in, and covered most of his own expenses to do this role.  That’s what everyone involved with the production did. John plays a Senator, and does a magnificent job with the role.  But, Tommy, I cannot tell you enough how outstanding the Arizona film community has been and was in making this role. These guys showed up at 4 a.m. in the morning and worked through lunch for free. They believed in the project, and the entire community of filmmakers and people who work on these projects in Arizona gave us everything.  They made every asset available to us, shooting locations, restaurants, everyone was so helpful, and wanted this film to be made,” Winsor added.
The film also stars Lorenzo Lamas and other well-known names. However, Noelle Wheeler, who plays Ruthy in the film will blow you away.  Her performance along with Harmon’s really put this film in a whole new arena.  It is incredible in its scope, and the fact that it resembles the story of Warren Jeffs real-life horror was not lost on the talented actor, turned filmmaker. “Yes, Tommy. You know as an actor, I was really interested in this story, every actor wants to be a part of a film that is based on real-life events.  But, as a parent, it was really tough to make.  Seeing these young girls be forced to marry, they are under the age of 18, and they are essentially being kidnapped and raped, and our society and our government has to do something about this.  No one should be able to use religion as a ploy, as a cover to do these atrocities to young people,” said Harmon.  “And it’s not just the girls who suffer in these closed-off societies. The boys are essentially thrown out, and become homeless, so that these older men, who are predators don’t have to compete with them for the girls. It’s sick, this should not be happening in America.  The hypocrisy of using religion to assault young people and destroy their lives is unthinkable today.”
Though Harmon admits to a marathon shooting schedule, he would do it again.  “Yes, I am really proud of this film, and even more proud of how the State of Arizona and the film community worked just as hard as we did, to make this film happen, Tommy.  We had 32 days to film, and we shot it in 31.  I had a biking event in Belgium, plus I had to return to L.A. three times to film the show [The Bold and the Beautiful], and still it all came along great, and the finished product is something we are all excited about and very proud of,” enthused Harmon.
Winsor hasn’t been this passionate about a film in years.  You can tell that it really touched him and even changed who he is.  Being a parent, seeing the horror of what these young girls and boys go through really weighed on the star.  “I do hope this film brings awareness to these people’s lives. These kids are essentially isolated from the world, brainwashed, taught to hate and to distrust others, anyone who isn’t in their own compound, and they don’t realize the opportunities they miss out on, and the perpetrators within these cults, are always living the best lives and using others to enrich themselves.  But, the abuse, sexual, emotional and physical is sickening, and hopefully the film brings attention to it, and ultimately change.”
Ryan, who is Harmon’s alter-ego on screen, seems to be pulled into this story.  Isn’t it always fascinating that the biggest heroes in a story almost always seem reluctant.  However, once Ryan begins his investigation, it leads to murder and lots of tragedies, that eventually play out against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful regions of the U.S. Southwest. It is incredible, how beautiful this part of the world is, and yet, so much ugliness is also in every crevice, it seems.  But, Harmon is doing his part to make a difference, while also enthralling the moviegoer with his innate skills and genuine talent not only as an actor, but now, a co-director and co-producer as well.  “I want everyone to know, that 10 percent of the proceeds from what we make on this film will go to a group of families, that help the kids thrown out of these compounds [as Highlight Hollywood has reported for years on the Lost Boys], and I hope that our film goes toward helping these kids, and making sure that one day this does not exist,” said the actor, who seemed highly emotional about this subject matter.
Anyone who knows Winsor Harmon, knows what a loving dad he is. And he shared with me today, that he could never fathom such things happening to not only his kids, but anyone’s.  “We have to bring awareness, Tommy, to this plight.  I’m very proud of this film, and what we have accomplished, and not only are we debuting at the Jerome Film Festival, on an outside screen, but also be shown at a local theater just days later.   The people in Arizona who worked on this film are incredibly talented people, who put this film, their art and their skills before anything else. Unlike in Hollywood, these guys and ladies work for credits, Tommy. I cannot say enough about them and what they have done to make this film happen,” concluded actor, co-producer and co-director Winsor Harmon.
I expect this film to not only make its debut at Jerome, but also to find a welcoming amongst other festivals worldwide, but not only that.  I think Oscar-buzz is worthy to remind our readers. It’s a year away, certainly.  But, the performers and performances in this film are nothing short of perfection.  Go to the film’s official site for more details  http://cathedralcanyonthemovie.com/.
Plus, the film’s official trailer is below!
Cathedral Canyon Official Trailer


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Cathedral Canyon Movie Images From Their Production, Winsor Harmon Images by Gilles Toucas/Bell Phillip Television Productions
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