Family Dobes In Utah Offers Summer Care Advice For Dog Owners, Especially While The Southeast Is Baking, Highlight Hollywood News

Summer is here for most of the country with temperatures reaching well into triple digits. Not only can this be dangerous for you, it is dangerous for your dogs as well. Dobermans can suffer heat stroke or heat exhaustion very easily and it is up to us to keep them safe. Even a little exercise when temperatures are high can be a very bad thing. Dobermans have high drive and high energy and if you allow them to they will overwork themselves in the heat. Keep play/training times to the early mornings or late evenings when temperatures are cooler and sunlight is less direct. Have plenty of fresh water available in the heat, but don’t think that is enough. Never leave your Dobermans out in the heat unattended, and never in vehicles either. Even with the car running and AC blowing, mechanical failures can cause life threatening temperatures for your dogs in a vehicle. Keep this rule in mind. If you are uncomfortable, probably your dog is too.



If you don’t want to run around in the heat, they probably shouldn’t either. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be deadly within minutes. know the signs, and the quickest remedies. If your dog overheats there is no substitute for medical help, but you may not get to the vet in time. You have to be able to cool the Dogs internal core temperature without sending them into shock. We have a first aid section in our app/E-book that covers some more details, and if you would like that information email us please. Get the dog out of the sun, and somewhere cool immediately.



In arid climates a wet dog coupled with air movement can eliminate a lot of heat fast. In humid climates, cool water running on the dogs core can cool them quickly, but ice or cold water will shock the system that is already in danger. Get them cool on the way to the Vet don’t think you can do this alone.     Also right around the corner most people will have big holiday plans for the 4th of July. For many this includes big family gatherings, BBQ, camping or fishing, and for nearly everyone, fireworks. Some dogs may have sound sensitivity and the noise of fireworks can cause anxiety and distress. Think ahead of your dog has sound sensitivity and isolate them somewhere more quiet, consider safe background noise like music, and consider “Thunder shirts” or medication in extreme cases. it is not just noise though, I never will forget the day Zenny grabbed a lit bottle rocket. He was fine and we got the device out of his mouth and safe before the report but it could have been a disaster.



There  is a high probability of burns and other injuries if the dogs are allowed near fireworks. Keep them calm and keep them safe. Big crowds can cause anxiety and distress, and with food gatherings there are always risks of sharp bones, obstructions from packaging etc. or foods that are toxic to dogs. There is a complete list on our website and in the E-book as well.   Celebrate the summer safely, and with pride, but in all our celebrating let’s keep our dogs safe.




Written By: Stephen Parsons
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