Fujimori And Garrett On The Sixth Season Of HBO’s Hit Vampire Drama ‘True Blood’, And Who Does Wendy Want To See Naked? Highlight Hollywood News

Tonight’s “True Blood” is a great set up for the rest of the season.  And just in time for the exciting episode, Highlight Hollywood editors Wendy and Tommy chat about your favorite show. Thanks Trubies and readers of our magazine for sending in your questions each week. This week we had 87, and it’s painful to choose only five, but we hope this helps give you an insight of what we’ve been enjoying so far this season, and a little tease, just a touch, of what is coming up.
Q-What are you more excited about, Bill’s storyline with his new found powers or Sookie and Jason’s fairy grandfather’s storyline with Warlow?
WENDY~ I am excited with both story lines!  This whole Faery Family Mystery Tour has really sparked my attention. You had me at, Rutger Hauer.
TOMMY~ For me the Fairy story.  Rutger Hauer is the one! He’s the only one who truly made this side of the show fascinating beyond words.  All the previous powerful fairies, from Maab to Claudine were only wetting our appetites. Now, we are transfixed!
Q-Do you think Terry and Arlen’s lie to Patrick’s widow will come back to haunt them this season?
WENDY~ This is True Blood and anything is possible, we’ve all learned that.  I hope not, we don’t need to relive that particular story line again, especially with the widow unless of course she is a ‘Supe’ too.  It would be more interesting to have the story line continue with the baby.  The baby-daddy as an evil ghost haunting Arlene and Terry would be more interesting.
TOMMY~ Yes, we can definitely see this train has left the station.  Terry will of course be the first to realize something is up, Arlene will accuse him of being off his meds, and then she’ll come around, but hopefully it won’t be too late! Hey, should I be writing for True Blood, or what?
Q-Are you liking the new side to Eric Northman? And if so, or not, why do you think it works this season?
WENDY~ Isn’t the new side of Eric, the old side?  He seems to be going back to the original personality of Eric, which I love.  Snarky, sexy gorgeous and his sarcastic comments make him a fan favorite. The old new Sheriff is back in town and it’s war!
TOMMY~ Any side of Eric Northman works for us!
Q-What suggestions would you make to the writers about the pace of the show, and what storyline are you ready to see run its course, good or bad?
WENDY~ I would tell them to stick with Alan Ball’s logic and style which made this show truly great!  I would like to see the Sam, Emma and Alcide’s pack storyline end, sooner than later!  I like when Emma shifts to being a baby wolf.  Aside from that, maybe Andy and his Faery Quads can end sooner than later.  Although I’m curious to how things end with Faery and Bill ‘Super-Vamp’,  With those two being the strongest of this season, I would hope they have it be at a slower pace.
TOMMY~ I’m happy with this season’s pace, but of course tonight’s episode three, and episode four, I want you Trubies to prepare!  It’s not shocking, it’s earth-moving!  I am not in a rush for any of the storylines to end.  I’m lucky, patience was always one of my strong suits, I have so few!
Q-Do you like this new powerful Alcide, and do you think he had to change into this alpha male wolf type to push the storyline further?
WENDY~ Who cares.. the smoking hot pack leader, just needs to get naked and I’ll be happy!  Alcide had to become a powerful Pack-Master in order to keep the rest in line.  They are a scurvy bunch in human form and seem a tad bit agitated all the time, the Vamps are more personable and involve themselves in other peoples drama..  Alcide and his dad are interesting and they should bring in his sister again.  They could carry a story line much further with the relationships between the characters.
TOMMY~ Well, how do I follow that?  I concur!  Except for the getting naked part.  Oh, Wendy’s mind does tend to go to that denominator when it comes to Joe Manganiello!
Written By: Wendy Fujimori and  Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: John P. Johnson/HBO
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