Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

Highlight Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard: Deborah Ann Woll, Constance Towers And Hunter Tylo, Divas By Day And Night

This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes to three beautiful actresses, who played high drama this week on their shows, including a primetime beauty, who has really not only become one of the most attractive women in Hollywood as she’s grown up, but also proving she’s an Emmy worthy performer as well. Deborah Ann Woll, wow, she really shined on Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s “True Blood,” while iconic beauty Constance Towers was menacing as Helena Cassadine on ABC’s “General Hospital,” and Hunter Tylo, wow, what a performance on Thursday and Friday’s episodes of CBS’s mega hit “The Bold and the Beautiful.”
Deborah Ann Woll has really been amazing in the role of Jessica on HBO’s hit vampire series “True Blood” from the very first season.  But this year, she has TrueBloodS6-13really come into her own.  On Sunday night, Jessica was distraught as she worried about her Maker, Bill Compton, who slipped into a coma after having a vision of vampire’s future.  Jessica did everything she could, including hiring a woman who allows vampires to feed on her for their sustenance, even though her Maker, Bill managed to kill the woman while in a semi-comatose state.  Jessica was also very supportive when Bill came out of his coma, and she learned of his new powers, that of seeing the future.
This young lady had to play virtually every emotion within one episode, from shock, to fear, to devastation and ultimately joy, that Bill didn’t die, and managed to come back from a coma.  Woll is sensational this season, and if she continues at this rate, she’s destined to be an Emmy Award nominee, and hopefully winner for her role.
Constance Towers surprised her fans on Tuesday, when Helena popped up. Well, not Helena per se, but her image on a computer, warning Luke, that ConstanceTowers1snall1although he seems to have killed her, that she got the last laugh by poisoning him, and as deliciously evil Helena reminded him, “I always win!” She most certainly is a winner when played by the devastatingly gorgeous superstar Constance Towers.  She adds such a dimension to “General Hospital,” which is like “The Bold and the Beautiful” such a great drama.  But Towers always gives the show the added gilded sparkle it needs.  Port Charles in the past used to be a dreary dark place, but since super-producer Frank Valentini has taken over, the show is sparkling like a shiny new penny.  And hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Helena’s reign of terror in Port Charles as well.
Hunter Tylo, what were you thinking this week? Tylo was perhaps better than she’d been in decades. And she’s always sensational as Taylor on CBS’s mega hit and Daytime TV’s most watched drama.  Hunter soared to new heights, and her scenes with John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang really were startling they were so good.  Taylor tried to accept Brooke, and was on her way to doing so, until she found out that Brooke had gone behind her back to try to seduce Eric again.
Hunter’s scenes with leading man John McCook were wonderful to watch, it felt like old times, seeing Eric wrangle out of trouble again, the way he always did with Stephanie. Then Taylor was ordered to the party Katie had thrown for sister Brooke, and Taylor’s reluctance to go gave way to her decision to make an announcement.  Hunter was engaging as earlier in the week, Taylor spied Brooke’s medical records and figured out that she had miscarried a baby.  Only to immediately figure out that Brooke must have been pregnant by Bill Spencer. Yes, that one, who is married to her sister Katie.
On Friday, the episode was sensational as Hunter Tylo played the fed up Taylor, who demanded that Brooke come clean with her family, who had been raving about what a wonderful mother and sister she was.  Taylor said, “Are you going to tell everyone your secret, or am I?”  Tylo owned the scene and the entire episode, as she hit all the high points in her acting, and just seems to be on fire.
Don’t miss daytime TV’s best show on Monday, as Taylor lifts the veil of Brooke’s secret and exposes it and Brooke to sister Katie’s wrath.  “General Hospital” airs weekdays on CBS, and “True Blood” airs Sunday night on HBO at 9 pm EST.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Deborah Ann Woll by HBO, Constance Towers by Mara Photography in Hollywood and Hunter Tylo by Gilles Toucas/Bell Phillip TV Productions
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