Highlight Hollywood’s Leading Men Gold Standard: Rutger Hauer, John McCook And John Hamm, Heavy Lifters On Their Shows

Each weekend editors with Highlight Hollywood magazine choose three of the best leading men and ladies of television to point out their incredible work over the week, starting on Sunday of each week.  Over the past seven days the best leading men on TV were in our opinion, Rutger Hauer, who portrays the Stackhouse Fairy Grandfather on HBO’s hit vampire series “True Blood,” John McCook, the Forrester family patriarch on CBS’s drama “The Bold and the Beautiful” and John Hamm, who portrays philandering Don Draper on AMC’s hit drama “Mad Men.These three talented leading men shined all week, and on Sunday night, Rutger Hauer’s reveal as Sookie Stackhouse’s powerful fairy grandfather was TB-S6-NiallBrigantsensational. He was great with the Oscar-winning actress Anna Paquin, as well as Aussie hunk Ryan Kwanten.  Hauer used every asset he has as a scene-stealer to take control of “True  Blood” on Sunday night.  With powerful performances by Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard, it was no small thing to become the night’s winner.  And we all are better off having this iconic actor on the show.
From quirky to eccentric, Hauer gives his performance everything he’s got, and all that fans want and deserve.  Rutger Hauer is “True Blood’s” best casting since Denis O’Hare as the late King of Mississippi.  The truth is, these talented and rich performers are few and far between in television, so kudos to HBO for hitting the mark, and very high!
Just wait until Hauer’s ancient vampire meets the most powerful and world’s oldest vampire, Warlow. Thousands of years they’ve waited for this very moment, and Trubies have waited years to see such a confrontation.
“True Blood” airs on Sunday nights on HBO.
John McCook has been the Forrester family patriarch on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” for over 26 years, and counting. The handsome leading man has had some of TV’s strongest leading ladies to work with, starting with Susan Flannery, Kimberlin Brown, Hunter Tylo, Katherine Kelly Lang and Tracey JohnMcCookBregman. However, Eric is never better than with Hunter Tylo’s Taylor. Seeing Eric try to handle Taylor when she’s on a mission is exciting to watch. He is forever finding that not only is she strong willed like his late wife Stephanie, but being a psychiatrist, she’s able to think more quickly than he can.  However, the powerful leading man really has found his niche as a patriarch of L.A.’s most fabled fashion family, that is as dysfunctional as they come.
McCook is solid, he’s not flashy in his performance, but he captures your attention just the same.  It’ll be great to see where next week goes, when Eric is mortified by Taylor’s revelations about Brooke.  Don’t miss “B&B” on Monday, it’s Must-See TV.
MadMen-Lead-1John Hamm is sublime as the conniving and cheating womanizer Don Draper on the hit AMC series “Mad Men,” which eclipsed itself with Sunday night’s best season finale in years.  Hamm is very underrated as an actor, and he plays things close to the vest. He has a unique ability to smolder like Robert Mitchum, while still giving a very subdued performance as well.  While his leading ladies and other costars sometimes jump off the TV screen at you, Hamm just remains in the foreground waiting for the right moment, then he pounces like a cat.  And he’s undeniably AMC’s strongest actor, and one of television’s all-time best.   Not only is “Mad Men” a historical and groundbreaking series, but John Hamm will be remembered post this show, as one of Hollywood’s most gifted leading men.
“Mad Men” airs Sunday nights on AMC.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Rutger Hauer/HBO John McCook/Gilles Tucas Bell Phillip TV Productions and John Hamm/AMC
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