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Fujimori And Garrett On The Sixth Season Of HBO’s Hit Vampire Drama ‘True Blood’, And Who Does Wendy Want To See Naked? Highlight Hollywood News

Tonight’s “True Blood” is a great set up for the rest of the season.  And just in time for the exciting episode, Highlight Hollywood editors Wendy and Tommy chat about your favorite

Highlight Hollywood’s Leading Men Gold Standard: Rutger Hauer, John McCook And John Hamm, Heavy Lifters On Their Shows

Each weekend editors with Highlight Hollywood magazine choose three of the best leading men and ladies of television to point out their incredible work over the week, starting on Sunday of each

‘The Heat’ Starring Bullock And McCarthy Take Down Tatum And Foxx In ‘White House Down’, Highlight Hollywood News

Maybe after months of seeing male domination on screen, the ladies are taking a look at feminine power in, Paul Feig‘s Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy headliner The Heat is off to

21-Year-Old American College Student Andrew Pochter, Who Taught English To Children Has Died In Egypt’s Violent Protests, Highlight Hollywood News

An American college  student stabbed to death during a protest in Egypt was in the  country to teach English to children and improve his Arabic, his  family said.  Andrew Pochter, 21, from

Another Off-Season NFL Arrest, Joe Lefeged Of Colts Arrested For Gun Possession, Highlight Hollywood News

The NFL offseason police blotter grew by one early Saturday with the arrest of Indianapolis Colts safety Joe Lefeged on numerous gun-related charges in Washington, D.C. 

Showtime’s Producer For ‘Dexter’ Says, The Serial Killer Will Find Out The Cost Of Being Human In The Show’s Final Season, Highlight Hollywood News

In what will be a very heart-wrenching season for viewers of the hit series Dexter, which concludes this year, it’s also an emotional time for Dexter‘s Sara Colleton. The executive producer, who helped

Highlight Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard: Deborah Ann Woll, Constance Towers And Hunter Tylo, Divas By Day And Night

This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes to three beautiful actresses, who played high drama this week on their shows, including a primetime beauty, who has really not only become one of

California Under Horrendous Heat Wave, Death Valley’s Town Furnace Creek Reaches 128 Degrees, City of Los Angeles Also Oppressive, Highlight Hollywood News

If you think a place called Furnace Creek would be hot in the summer, you’re right. The town in California’s Death Valley is expected to hit 128 degrees Saturday. And weather forecasts say,  the

‘The Young And The Restless’ Is Now Daytime TV’s Worst Drama, Sony And CBS Worked Very Hard To Make It Happen, Highlight Hollywood News

How CBS and Sony have collectively dismantled “The Young and the Restless” and made it Daytime’s worst drama is beyond comprehension. The soap that was once considered the “Dynasty” of Daytime Television

Nick Stahl Faces Another Arrest After Being Apprehended Allegedly With Meth, Highlight Hollywood News

 Nick Stahl is the latest former child star who seems to have found himself deeper in trouble. The Terminator 3  star, 33, was arrested on  Friday, June 28, for alleged drug possession,  LAPD tells