Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

‘The Young And The Restless’ Is Now Daytime TV’s Worst Drama, Sony And CBS Worked Very Hard To Make It Happen, Highlight Hollywood News

How CBS and Sony have collectively dismantled “The Young and the Restless” and made it Daytime’s worst drama is beyond comprehension. The soap that was once considered the “Dynasty” of Daytime Television has become a boring, uninteresting melodrama, with more excitement behind the scenes than on screen.  The fact that Jill Farren Phelps gleefully allowed Michelle Stafford to depart as Phyllis on the soap is virtually malpractice.
But, Jill made up for it, by adding a long list of her friends, and a lot of newbies, who are passing pretty and barely able to carry a scene. The show that once was unmistakable as being the best, has now become an anemic daytime drama, with hot storylines aborted, such as Phyllis’s trial for trying to kill Cricket and Paul, and this thing of finally admitting that Nick lied about the paternity test, and that Jack is indeed Summer’s father was heating up, and quickly cooled down, only to have Phyllis throwing herself as Kyle Abbott, Jack’s son.  Poor Michelle, having to work with such a mediocre young actor, who has no chemistry, no sparks, nothing.  It’s not his fault, I’m not putting him down, he can’t help being a Friend of Jill’s.Y&RLogo
Michelle Stafford, one of Hollywood’s BEST actresses has been relegated to the backburner for so many months, that she did get bored, and yes, it’s time to go. Sadly, Michelle won’t be the only fan favorite and veteran heading out the door in the coming months.  And what has the head writer Josh Griffith done to Nikki Newman? Melody is sublime, beautiful and also a fan favorite. She was thrown a storyline, as if CBS wanted to give her a lifeline, and they wrecked the MS storyline, for a woman, who really would have given an Emmy worthy performance. Then again, she’s an icon that Bill Bell found, not a Friend of Jill’s.
Farren Phelps and Griffith have also destroyed one of TV’s hottest couples; Michael and Lauren, and thrown in one of Jill’s friends, no doubt, who is one hunk of a man, but so boring on screen, that you almost feel like you have to take his pulse to make sure he’s not dead.  Again, it’s not these newbies fault. Who wouldn’t take an acting gig in this town? Everyone would, but they are miscast and the writing for “The Young and the Restless” is so poorly done, that these youngsters don’t have a chance.
Michael Muhney is given one flat storyline after another, a young actor whose power and grit is so phenomenal that he should be carrying several storylines, but instead he is given one boring leading lady after another.  Sharon Case so overlooked, yet one of the brightest actors on the canvas.  Eric Braeden is absolutely a powerhouse, but not one of Jill’s good Friends obviously, since she gives no major story his way, and fans miss it.
Sure, bring on the newbies, but in the old days, they could act. Letting Michelle Stafford walk away was not just silly, but suicide, for a show that is on lifelines at this point.  Sony and CBS have a vested interest in this regime, but sadly loyalty to Jill Faren Phelps is like holding on to an anchor the Titanic captain throws your way.
Once a beacon on the horizon, “Y&R” is now a fast fading glamour girl of Hollywood, seeing its final scenes play out.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: CBS
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