‘True Blood’ Warlow’s Returned, Bill Confronted Sookie And Learned Something New About His Cousin Andy And Rutger Hauer Stole The Show, Again, Highlight Hollywood News

On Sunday night’s “True Blood,” it was really a set-up for next weekend’s pivotal episode, which changes everything!  As things began to heat up, Rutger Hauer again stole the show.  “True Blood” writers better not make the same mistake twice, and kill off Hauer’s character as they did Christopher Meloni’s. This man has brought a ray of sunshine to Bon Temps, literally. And there are supernatural beings that are about to come out of the woodwork, and I don’t mean just Sheriff Andy’s Halfling fairies either.  Hauer portrays the King of the Fae, and he’s definitely proving he is. 

King Niall (Rutger Hauer) seemed to spend all night warning Sookie to stay in the house, and telling Jason to shut up.  But, what about the constant headaches Jason’s been getting? Do you think it’s about to become something much more serious?  There’s a reason why we’re having the repeated headaches and you’ll learn more later.  Eric however decided to kidnap Willa Burrell, the beautiful lusty daughter of the Governor of Louisiana, who has began experiments on vampires, and they have a very high profile vamper in custody.  Pam and Tara both begged Eric in different ways to get rid of Willa, but he finally just listened to his own mind, and took her to Ginger’s and immediately found trouble there.
Sam and Lafayette want Emma back, and in a very brotherly mood, Lafayette decided to protect Sam, “You gave me a job when no one else would, you never judged me, ‘so what’s the plan, boyfriend?”  Sam needs Lafayette’s help, and will especially so next week, as Sam shifted into an owl, and went to the Wolf pack camp to find Emma.  As the cops came looking for Luna, Emma and Martha’s late son Marcus, the pack began to splinter, as they are split over how they want to help or not help Emma.  She was happy to see Sam, who took her away, but while running through the woods, he found the girl, who will turn out to be a supernatural in her own way, after she had been attacked by Rikki, a werewolf, that Alcide seems to be losing control over.
Jessica and Bill had many interesting scenes, as “True Blood” season six is moving along nicely. Bill believes he’s the prophet of Lilith, and that she ultimately will protect him, even though she met the true death thousands of years ago herself.  Bill almost burned to a crisp as he remained outside as the sun came up, but Jessica got him in the mansion and protected just in time.  So, finally we see that Bill is not totally invulnerable.  He does have some weaknesses, though he didn’t think so when he went over to Sookie’s and used his new powers to move things with his mind to demand that she come with him, and use her blood to help synthesize a new upgraded Tru-Blood for vampers. She refused and he looked devilishly into Sookie’s eyes and said, “You are dead to me, Sookie!” That can’t bode well for fans, or for Sookie.
Warlow kept up his pace, he entered Sookie’s yard, but was gone before King Niall was able to stop him.  Searching all night for the most powerful vampire on earth, who we now know is even more ancient and more powerful and strong, not to mention deadlier than the King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington ever was.  He was shocked as he happened upon the field where the fairies have been staying safe, and found that Warlow had killed all but one of the fae, and that one after revealing to Niall just how strong Warlow is, begged for the fairy king to end his life, and suffering.
While Bill earlier that night had sent Jessica in a sexy get up to a University in Louisiana to seduce and bring him the professor that knows how to create Tru-blood.  That was where Jessica went, but Bill happened also upon his cousin Andy, the Sheriff of Bon Temps, and in their short conversation, he smelled fae inside Andy’s car.  Andy explained he has new daughters, and Bill realized he’d go to there to kidnap the babies, and will be stunned next week to find the halflings grown up and ready for the picking!
Sarah Newlin pranced into the interrogation room to find her ex-husband, who in his misguided and arrogant way angered his ex, who admitted she’s now in politics, and she wants to wipe the vampire race off the earth, that includes her ex husband.  Tara’s still a live wire, not giving up on her mission to be a bossy gal, and she kidnapped the Governor’s daughter from Eric, just as the Governor and his evil henchmen were closing in on Ginger’s place.  Sam saved Emma, but will find more danger as he reaches out to help someone else on Sunday night, which Sam seems to always do without thinking about the consequences.
“True Blood” masterfully moved along storylines tonight, that could have been stalled. The show is getting it’s mojo back under this new team of showrunners, and if you think you enjoyed the past three episodes, I cannot warn you more, not to miss Sunday, July 7’s episodes. Please!
“True Blood” airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST.  only on HBO.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: John P. Johnson/HBO
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