As The Wildlings Prepare To Attack The Wall, Kit Harrington, Jon Snow Warns Of Explosive Confrontation With Ygritte S4, Highlight Hollywood News

Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington has teased that there will be more turmoil between his character, Jon Snow and Ygritte (Rose Leslie) next season.  The third season of the hit HBO series, which ended early June saw Jon Snow’s romance with Ygritte turn sour, after he clashed with her fellow Wildlings.  In an interview Harrington hints that there will be even more explosive developments between the couple when Game of Thrones returns next spring.

The dangers are real, the Wildlings are planning to attack the Nights Watch at the Wall, and everything is in disarray.  North of the Wall, the Wildlings are running out of town, and they must be safe in Westeros is they are to survive. The Wildlings have giants, cannibals, White Walkers and Wights wandering North of the Wall, but the Nights Watch and the Kings of Westeros do not want them on the Continent of Westeros.  So, we know that Ygritte continues her march against the Wall with her people, the Wildlings, and Jon is convalescing and healing from a multiple-arrow attack from Ygritte from last season.

“I think she is gonna be after vengeance,” Harington teased.   He went on to say: “Jon doesn’t always make the smartest decisions. He had to make that decision and… you’d question him if he didn’t end up getting with her, because you can see his appeal to her.
“So, I’m glad that he did. It’s one of those things – you sleep with someone one time and they shoot you with arrows. It’s like life.”   Ygritte actress Rose Leslie went on to describe the character as “distraught, but livid” at Jon turning his back on her.  “If there’s any emotion, it’s just anger – absolute anger,” Leslie said.
She added: “Certainly at the end of season three, we saw her distraught and that was just heartbreaking because she couldn’t believe that the man she fell in love with and who she believed loved her back would betray her and run off like that.
“But don’t worry, she got her comeuppance. She shot him with three arrows, so that’s okay. So, yes, with season four, I think we’re going to see a tougher, kind of grueling side to her.”
Here you will find details of what is culminating, the Wildlings fight the Wall, and the Nights Watch prepare for White Walkers, which the Nights Watch are incapable of stopping, and the Kings of Westeros and their Armies can’t stop the White Walkers.
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Game of Thrones  returns for a fourth season in 2014 on HBO.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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