Highlight Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard, Maura West, Heather Tom And Anna Paquin: The Best Of The Best

This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes to three divas, who brought on the drama last week, these multi-award-winning actresses are just superb in their roles. They may have played many in the past, but their current roles are what has our interest right now.  And each one was splendid, and shined brightly on their shows.  Maura West, what a drama queen she can play, and yet, this diva is anything but. Maura is one of the sweetest people on the planet, but her work on ABC’s “General Hospital” this week was sensational, and if she continues, she’s bound to land another Emmy Award.  Heather Tom, wow, what a week, talk about getting your sister straight, and your husband as well, her role on “B&B” just keeps getting edgier, and she’s definitely prepared for her close up.  While HBO’s “True Blood’s” leading lady, Anna Paquin may be an Oscar-winning actress, it’s the TV role as a fairy on HBO’s wildly popular vampire series that seems to be capturing our attention right now


“General Hospital” is a place of high energy right now.  From the casting genius of Mark Teschner to Frank Valentini’s total control over the reigns of one of daytime TV’s most exciting dramas, it could not get much better.  Then in came the blonde beauty Maura West in the role of Ava Jerome.  Can Maura ever get any better? Yes, and that’s down right scary, since she’s definitely one of Hollywood’s top five most talented women today.  West has captured the essence of Port Charles, and the fan favorite who is best known for her work as Carly on CBS’s former drama “As The World Turns” has shined bright on every show on TV and on stage, she’s ever appeared.  Maura is the next great actress ready to hit the silver screen and make the world forget there is a Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman or Julia Roberts. 

The woman best described as a prettier Bette Davis is going full-steam-ahead on “General Hospital,” in a role, that she makes sizzle!  This woman is lightning in a bottle, she can do anything, and just when you think her talent is contained, she breaks out of that mold, and proves she’s unstoppable.   Don’t miss seeing Maura on “General Hospital,” lighting up the stage at ABC Studios, and winning hearts and minds every step of the way.   Maura West has made “General Hospital” must-see.  I can’t wait to see  her in scenes with all of our favorites, Geary, Herbst and shall we say, Towers (Helena)?  Whatever the writers have planned, we shall definitely be on board watching as long as Maura West continues in this role.


“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.


And then there is Heather Tom, who just picked up her latest Emmy Award last month, but is on her way to getting another statue. She has so much gold, that she needs her own bank vault in L.A.  The beautiful diva brings us drama, as dished out by three-time Emmy Award-winning Showrunner, Brad Bell.  This week as we watched in horror as Taylor exposed Brooke’s dirty little secret.  The latest included not only an affair with her sister Katie’s husband, but a pregnancy and miscarriage as well.  Heather Tom, who masterfully plays Katie Logan was sensational in every scene. From disbelief, to shock, to rage, fury and strength, and ultimately bitterness, Tom never missed a beat, as the scenes just continued building until Tom and Don Diamont (Bill) just seemed to exhaust the viewers, only to find more energy to push forward and steal every scene.
Heather Tom is unique, she knows how to play every scene and make it look fresh.  She is a true giant in this industry, and for good reason.  Brad has even more surprises coming for Katie and viewers, so don’t look away. As if that would be possible with Heather Tom in  the role.
“The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.
Then there is Anna Paquin, the Oscar-winning actress who portrays Fairy Halfling Sookie Stackhouse on HBO’s vampire series “True Blood.” On Sunday night, we watched as Sookie stood up to her grandfather, played by venerable actor Rutger Hauer, also, Sookie stood up to Bill (real life husband of Anna’s, Stephen Moyer), as the powerful godlike vampire who is on a mission and believes Sookie’s his only answer.  The truth is, Paquin is absolutely on fire in this role, and her ability to be an ingénue even through Sookie’s many love affairs is brilliantly played.  We almost want to slap Sookie one moment, and protect her the next.  Anna is dedicated as an actress, surely she gives it her all, and it pays off, helping to make “True Blood” one of premium cable’s most watched series in TV history.
Don’t miss Sunday night’s shocker!
“True Blood” airs Sunday nights on HBO at 9 p.m. EST/PDT.
These women are the best of the best this week.
Written By: Wendy Fujimori and Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Maura West by TeleNext Productions and JPI Studios West Hollywood, Heather Tom by Gilles Toucas/Bell Phillip TV Productions and Anna Paquin by John P. Johnson/HBO
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