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Winter Is Coming! Actor David Bradley, ‘Game Of Thrones’ Walder Frey Admits Wedding Invitations Are Drying Up, Highlight Hollywood News

David Bradley, whose “GoT” character committed the most horrendous event in TV history this past June admits hasn’t yet signed a contract to do more “Game of Thrones,” but is hopeful his Walder Frey will be back. In the bloody aftermath of the “Game of Thrones” Red Wedding episode, actor David Bradley is persona non grata to 10 million TV fans. “Wedding invitations have dried up,” he admitted to Highlight Hollywood on Tuesday in Los Angeles.



Bradley plays the nefarious Walder Frey, who will forever be known as the worst wedding host ever for the bloody union that happened under his roof. “I love playing (Walder) because he’s just irredeemable,” Bradley told “He just relishes what he does. It’s almost iconic relish.”



There’s little doubt that Bradley will be returning to the role for the next round of HBO’s “GoT,”  and Bradley couldn’t be happier.  “My character is still alive, and he appears later in the books, so although I don’t have a contract, I’m hopeful I’ll be back for the next season,” Bradley said. “I think he has a lot more to give.”

Bradley noted that it’s interesting to be known as such a reviled character.



“I was actually really enjoying (the Red Wedding), every bit of it,” he confided. “What does that say about me as a person?” Walder Frey wiped out a fairly substantial number of cast members in that now notorious scene, including the beloved King in the North Robb Stark, Queen Talisa, Catelyn Stark and more all in one fell swoop.

With so many deaths in just three seasons, “Game of Thrones” might run out of British actors before the show begins to struggle for more stories. (After all, George R. R. Martin’s novels — upon which the epic drama is based — aren’t writing themselves, and the show is quickly gaining ground.) “I think of those spiked heads on the castle wall, each one another actor who won’t be able to return to the show,” Mark Addy, better known as the late King Robert Baratheon, concluded.



As fans of the novels — and now the show — know all too well, Martin doesn’t hesitate when it comes to killing off characters, no matter how big or small their role may be. So it wouldn’t be a stretch to anticipate more visits from the Grim Reaper in the coming season. After all, there is a war going on for the Iron Throne.



Fans can only hope British thespians can fill in the ranks.

Well, it ain’t over yet! He may be getting a visit from a very unhappy citizen in Westeros.  Stay tuned, Winter is coming!
Here’s a clip from the infamous Red Wedding, when the Stark family was essentially wiped out at Lord Walder Frey’s palace The Twins, It’s NOT for the faint of heart!
 Game of Thrones – The Red Wedding
“Game of Thrones” season four returns next Spring, when there may be a Purple Wedding, though we doubt Lord Frey will be invited!
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