Famed Film Reviewer And Hollywood Historian Barry Rubin On ‘Closed Circuit’, Highlight Hollywood News

  “Closed Circuit” stars Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall and Jim Broadbent in this British courtroom drama involving terrorism, Britain’s MI 5, and a horrendous crime that is the subject of the film. Well written by Steven Knight (“Eastern Promises”, “Dirty Pretty Things”) and ably directed by John Crowley, this film will keep the viewer on the edge of the theater seat from the very first frame as the story unwinds into the intricacies of espionage, terrorism and the legal system under which all of the parties are operating. 
One of the more positive things about this film is that, although the plot is complicated and extremely involved, excellent writing and editing help make the most difficult of legal concepts and problems easy to understand and follow. This is no small task to accomplish given the intricacies and rules of law being applied.
I give this film 3 stars for above average acting, writing, editing and directing, all of which make for a very exciting theatrical experience.

Written By: Barry Rubin, Sr. Film Reviewer
Photographs are Courtesy: IMDB
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