Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly Gets Caught In Another Lie, Then Says He ‘Assumed’, He Did Not, He Simply Lied, Highlight Hollywood News

Bill O’Reilly claims, “You guys watch ‘The Factor’ for accuracy. No, those who I know personally, who watch “The Factor” watch to reinstate and confirm your bigotry and your stereotypes of minorities. Fox News Channel was created by Aussie Rupert Murdoch, yes, a neighbor, whom frankly I wish was carried away by a Dingo from his mother in the Aussie Outback.  The world would be better off minus Murdoch’s racist and criminal propaganda promoted on every network he owns around the world.
Two years ago a study/poll showed, that viewers who get their news from Fox, are actually less informed than people who do not watch any cable TV news, at all.
Here’s Bill O’Reilly again, bad mouthing blacks, and claiming that the family of Dr. Martin Luther King DID NOT invite any Republicans to their 50th Anniversary commemorating King’s March on Washington.  His viewers sucked up his lies and propaganda, and he claims, he “assumed,” but that’s not journalism, and also NOT true.  A source at “The Factor” tells Highlight Hollywood, “We had a meeting and Bill decided no one on the left would be watching or complaining about what he was about to say, and he knew very well, that both President Bushes declined due to health reasons to attend the commemorative march last week, Eric Cantor declined choosing to conduct a meeting with big oil lobbyists and John Boehner also declined, citing he had to give a speech at the Congress.”
The Republican Party has pandered to the racist over 60 element in America for decades, and frankly they want to have their cake and eat it to. They want to pander and be around bigots, and yet be able to slander and chastise them privately to their friends.  But, alas, the proof as my celebrity chef friend, Bernie Guzman in Beverly Hills says, “is in the pudding!”

Shame on Fox News for maligning the family of a man, who was slain by a racist in America in 1968, who never spoke of division, but inclusion.  Every Republican in the U.S. Congress was invited, and it is 1964 all over again, every Republican chose NOT to stand on the side of freedom for minorities and women, and foolishly in 2016, will attempt to pander again to those who know they are reviled by the GOP.  Shame on the GOP!  For those of us, trying to convince people to give an open mind to the party of Reagan and Tim McVeigh, you fail the nation again, and again.
Bigots always accuse others of being bigots. And then backtrack, as you’ll see in the video below of Bill O’Reilly.
 O’Reilly Apologizes for Claim on GOP No Shows at MLK Event
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Fox News Channel
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