Insiders At ‘The Young And The Restless’ Tell Highlight Hollywood, A Major Shake Up Is Coming, Josh Griffith May Be Out

Although Friday’s cliffhanger for viewers of “The Young and the Restless” ended in its normal whimper, not a bang.  Insiders at Sony Pictures and at CBS’s number-one soap, “Y&R” behind the scenes today is filled with excitement, intrigue and backstabbing, all the things we once enjoyed about Genoa City.  A source close to Jill Farren Phelps confirms, Josh Griffith is most likely on the way out, that Jill wants him gone, and he’s having what is described by the insider as, “a complete meltdown!”
After days of posting cryptic messages on his Facebook page, friends of the head writer of the soap say, that he’s really disillusioned and wants to move on to more fulfilling thing.  That would mean getting away from Jill Farren Phelps, who he hailed as “Y&R’s” savior when the two landed in their top perches at CBS TV City, after being such great allies at Sony’s “Hollywood Heights.”  “Josh [Griffith] was very uncaring and tacky when he did his interview with TV Guide soon after his former boss’s contract was not renewed, now it’s funny, he’s facing the same fate, and at the hands of the same woman, Jill Firing Phelps. He did not see it coming!”
“Even though Josh is at work in the building today, he’s just a wreck. He’s previously had his door locked, and seemed as though he was having a breakdown, and Jill has been so uncaring, and telling everyone, she doesn’t time to coddle people, and she is pressuring Sony execs to fire Griffith.” 

Now would be the time for Sony to make a change.  Highlight Hollywood spoke with a Sony insider today, who reported to us, “he [Griffith] has less than 15-days left on his contract. He’s starting vacation with his family next week, and Sony would ideally like to let it look like his decision after a vacation that he’s ready to move on.  They are in talks with several writers right now, because after he returns from his vacation, there are only 6 days left on his contract,” the Sony Pictures insider said on Friday.
With less than 15 days on his contract, and his relationship with showrunner Jill Farren Phelps at the lowest point in their tenure, CBS insiders say, “He no longer has Maria [Bell] to protect him.  He threw in on the side of the wrong lot definitely this time.  Jill is fed up, she’s taking the blame for all of the mess this show has turned into, and she is looking to do what she does best.  Make herself the good-guy with fans, and fire Josh, but the whole problem happens to be her as well.  The truth is, Sony knows she’s ill-placed as the executive producer at ‘Y&R,’ but they have no choice but to back her, so they are looking to make a major shakeup and hopefully take the focus off Jill, so that they can hopefully get viewers interested in these horrible storylines again.  None of these people know what to do.  They are all grasping at straws, it’s truly a snake-pit in this place now. Everyone is miserable and scared for their job.  Jill’s planning more deaths and destruction, both on air and behind the scenes, if she has her way.”
A “Y&R” actor tells us, “Sony is doing all it can to try to misplace their biggest mistake, hiring  Jill in the first place.  They wrangled creative control of this show away from the Bells, the people who created this show, and now they have bitten off a bigger piece than they can chew, and how any of them thought this terrible woman, who ruined every show she was ever a part of, including almost getting ‘General Hospital’ canceled after turning it into a mob story, is beyond me.  She is cold as ice, and she just wanted to fail-up and get the top show on daytime television. She did, but she’s made a mockery of what William J. Bell and his wife Lee created. It’s just sad for me, and I know the fans are unhappy I hear it every day.  But, there’s nothing anyone can do except pray that Sony can admit their mistake.  Yes, Josh [Griffith] needs to go, and mostly for being so disloyal to his former boss.  But, he’s paid a heavy price for it. He looks terrible, as if he hasn’t slept in days, and read his rambling on Facebook, he keeps hinting that he needs something more fulfilling.  He just needs to go!”
Another CBS insider reminded Highlight Hollywood, “Don’t forget after the big writers’ strike, Josh [Griffith] wanted all the other writers fired, because he was so intimidated by their talent.  He basically had a meltdown then, and was locked in his office for days, barely able to handle the stress then.  It’s only gotten worse now, because he now has no loyal people around him, they all want to see him go, and most importantly Jill Phelps wants to see him go.  Actually we all do.”
To quote Griffith’s recent Facebook post, he’s looking for spiritual fulfillment.  So, being fired may just be what the doctor ordered.  In typical William J. Bell Friday cliffhanger fashion; stay tuned!
CBS and Sony declined to comment on this story, and that meant, there is no denial, it’s neither!  No comment! 
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Josh Griffith/CBS Jill Farren Phelps/ABC
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