Take The Black With Jon Snow, Plus ‘Game Of Thrones’ S4 Recast, Highlight Hollywood News


 With “Game Of Thrones” seemingly so far away in its season four return, excitement builds as it is reported on Thursday, August 29, that “Treme” actor Michiel Huisman has been cast in the upcoming season.  However, now speculation is heating up around what character he will play.  It seems it won’t be a new character, but one, that we met just months ago, that’s right, a recast. 
When Game of Thrones returns next spring, Jorah Mormont will have a whole new guy to be jealous of. Daario Naharis has been recast, with Michiel Huisman taking over the role.   Ed Skrein played Daario in Season 3, introduced as a warrior who turned the tables on his would-be partners and joined up with Daenerys.



This is not the first time Game of Thrones has recast a role, though it may be the most notable. The role of Gregor Clegane, AKA The Mountain, was played by Conan Stevens in Season 1, before Ian Whyte took over in Season 2. Beric Dondarrion was played by David Michael Scott Season 1 and then Richard Dormer in Season 3. Daario though had the biggest introduction and most screen time (and dialogue) of any of the roles that have been recast previously.



This will be a return to HBO for Dutch actor Huisman, who previously had a role on Treme, before his recurring role on Nashville this past season.



Plus, as we reported last week, Dean-Charles Chapman, who previously played Martyn Lannister on the show, will now be playing Joffrey’s little brother, Tommen, taking over for Callum Wharry.



So much excitement building up for the upcoming season, that we must remember what simple dangers are around Westeros.  Most notably, Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch are without  a Lord Commander, and the Wildlings are planning to attack the Wall.  And most frightening, the White Walkers and the Army of the Dead are also about to arrive at the Wall.


In short, Winter is coming!   Until then, take the Black. And take the Night’s Watch Oath along with Jon Snow, played by Kit Harrington.


Game of Thrones:  The Night’s Watch Oath (HBO)

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: HBO
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