A&O’s Celebrity Pets “Best In Show” And The Betty White Inspirational Award, All The News From This Weekend’s Event In Universal City, Highlight Hollywood News

“Best in Show, for Actors and Others for Animals (A&O), was a big winner for the people attending,” remarks A&O President, JoAnne Worley.  “The talented celebrities sharing clips of their pets, to the many animals that our charity help every day.  And a good time was had by all.”
Actors & Others For Animals, one of Los Angeles longest-standing animal welfare organizations, “Best Of Show Pet Competition” Fundraiser on Saturday, Sept 28th may have focused its program around celebrity pets, but America’s four legged friends everywhere were the beneficiaries, raising an estimated $75,000.
(Ruta Lee, Loretta Swit and Susan Sullivan)
“I’m overwhelmed by the love and support gathered together today for our four legged souls,” said Charlotte Rae.
(The Four Plaids)
Setting the programs tone were the perfectly pitched performances by “THE PLAIDS.”  The roster of personalities, both attending and participating, included: Michael Burger (Emcee), JoAnne Worley (President), Loretta Swit (Board Member), Leonard Maltin, Susan Sullivan, Ed Begley, Jr., Allie Mac Kay, Jay Johnson, Bernie Shine, Tippi Hedren, Chuck McCann, Charlotte Rae, Fred Stoller, Marcia Ross,  Heather Ott, Carolyn Hennessy, Kelly Lange, Millicent Martin, Rhett Turner, Mary Jo Catlett, Barbara Sharma, Todd Sherry, Earl Holliman, the “Best In Show” event hosts Fred Willard and Jim Piddock, as well as a last minute cast change that replaced the “Hawaiian Eye” Cricket, Connie Stevens, with a self proclaimed barracuda, Ruta Lee, who commented, “It is so much fun to spend the afternoon with two legged friends who are almost as nice as our four legged ones.”
(Billy Monahan, Hunter (the Search Dog), Loretta Swit and JoAnne Worley)
“The exotic felines that take up residence at the Shambala Preserve are not pets,”” clarified Tippi Hedren. “”So, I’m actually here on behalf of the felines who share my home with me.”  Adding,” That would be Marlon Brando, Rod Taylor, John Saxon, Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith and the most recent addition to the family, Johnny Depp.” (Yes, this would be Tippi’s group of house cats, which live lovingly in “The Birds” star’s gorgeous home.)
(Fred Willard, Carolyn Hennessy, Jim Piddock)
The Search Dog Foundation was presented with the Betty White Inspirational Award.  “I have always been proud to be associated with Actors and Others for Animals and flattered that they named their annual award after me, honoring those who have inspired public awareness and appreciation of animals,” noted Ms. White.  “This year’s recipient, the Search Dog Foundation, shows all of us just how wonderful, talented and adept rescue dogs can be.  I hope it encourages more people to rescue a dog of their own.”
“It satisfies the soul to see people with such large voices speaking out for those without,” remarked Carolyn Hennessy.
(JoAnne Worley in faux money boa with Best In Show hosts Jim Piddock and Fred Willard)
(Celebrity Contestants Ed Begley, Jr., Bernie Shaw, Allie Mac Kay, Leonard Maltin and Susan Sullivan; Among the evening’s highlights, were the uploaded images from animals advocates across the country, who wanted to share their love for their own pets during the event)
(Celebrity Contestants Ed Begley, Jr., Bernie Shine, Allie Mac Kay, Leonard Maltin and Susan Sullivan)
Link: http://actorsandothers.com/pet_parade_gallery.html .  In addition, the 2013 Award of Caring will be awarded to two individuals – Kathleen Riordan and Bonnie Garner for their work in protecting and caring for companion animals.
(Emcee, Michael Burger with celebrity contestants Jay Johnson, Ruta Lee (In for Connie Stevens), Chuck McCann, Tippi Hedren and “Best In Show Hosts Fred Willard and Jim Piddock)
Milt Larsen, co-founder of the world famous magic castle, expressed “The way Actors & Others brings both members of the human and furry family together is a truly magical experience.”
(Tippi Hedren, Jim Piddock, Jay Johnson, Fred Willard, Susan Sullivan, Chuck McCann, Leonard Maltin, Ed Begley, Jr., Allie Mac Kay, Bernie Shine)
Actors and Others for Animals Actors and Others for Animals is a California 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation.  It is dedicated to eliminating pet overpopulation, ensuring the care and protection of pet companions and improving the quality of life economically challenged, disadvantaged and undeserved pet guardians by providing referral and financial assistance for spay/neuter and veterinary medical procedures together with other animal/human bond enriching programs. For more information visit www.actorsandothers.com

My friend Bernie Shine spoke so eloquently at the event, and he brought the house down regaling the audience with his stories about his baby Maggie, and even mentions my beloved mentor Lee Phillip Bell, the classiest woman in Hollywood, and her adorable spoiled girl, Joy! No, not Lauralee, she’s not spoiled, she’s classy like her mom.  Check out this video of Mr. Shine, who is a magnificent man:
Bernie Shine Speech
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Matthew Fried Photography
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