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Dennis Doyle, Holly Lee, Youme Kim, Johnny Nicoloro And Dana Hetzer Win Best Still Life Photography – Thom Bierdz Reports To Highlight Hollywood

Dozens of the most established American galleries have voted five artists  winners in the 2013 American Art Awards category of Nonmanipulated  Photography/Still Life. Thom Bierdz, AAA president and co-founder, shares  exclusively to Highlight Hollywood, “American galleries voted on all work  submitted to The  contest is open to artists in all countries and the work submitted is incredibly  diverse. We had winners from 18 nations in 52 categories this year. Dennis Doyle  scored very high in our other photography categories as well – winning a  total of seven awards.”
1ST PLACE      DENNIS DOYLE   “The Grapes Of Wrath”
2ND PLACE     HOLLY LEE   “Summer  Slumber”
3RD PLACE     YOUME  KIM   “Orange Invasion”
4TH  PLACE     HOLLY LEE    “Sunflower  II”
4TH PLACE     HOLLY LEE   “Days  Treasures”
5TH PLACE     JOHNNY  NICOLORO    “Ranunculus For Mom”
Doyle was born in South Lake Tahoe, California and now resides in Dayton,  Nevada. In 2010 he opened Ducilla Photography. Doyle says, “I am a avid outdoors  man and spend a inordinate amount of time without walls or ceilings. The passion  I have for photography blends quite well with my love for all things outdoors. I  am a skier, climber, fisherman and hiker. All things that I use as a excuse to  be gone from work and everything else mundane.”
Doyle won a total of seven 2013 American Art Awards:
2ND PLACE  Nonmanipulated Photography – Landscape   DENNIS  DOYLE  “Heart of Gold”   14×20″   Photographic color on  art canvas.
3RD PLACE  Nonmanipulated Photography – Landscape  DENNIS  DOYLE  “The Phoenix”   14×20″   Photographic color on  art canvas.
6TH PLACE  Nonmanipulated Photography – Landscape   DENNIS  DOYLE   “Always and Forever”   14×20″    Photographic color on art canvas.
1ST PLACE  Nonmanipulated Photography – Still Life   DENNIS  DOYLE  “The Grapes Of Wrath”   14×20″   Photographic  color on art canvas.
5TH PLACE  Manipulated Photogrtaphy – Human   DENNIS  DOYLE    “The Right Stuff”   14×20″    Photographic color on art canvas.
2ND PLACE  Manipulated Photography – Landscape   DENNIS  DOYLE    “The Air That I Breathe”   14×20″
Photographic color on art canvas.
4TH PLACE  Manipulated  Photography – Landscape   DENNIS DOYLE      “Abandoned Lunchenett”   14×20″   Photographic color on art  canvas.
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: American Art Awards
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