Exclusive: 2013 American Art Awards Winners Named, Highlight Hollywood Celebrates Success

The 25 Best Galleries In America have voted on the online art images sent  to them by the 2013 American Art Awards (www.AmericanArtAwards.com) and  Highlight Hollywood is revealing the three cash prize winners today. Because we  want to support the arts and our readership regularly enjoys our publication of  fine art images, the other 300+ AAA winners will be profiled according to  categories of art in 50 upcoming Highlight Hollywood articles.
The highest-scored piece this year and thus BEST OF SHOW 2013 American Art  Awards goes to DAN SIMONEAU of Wisconsin, USA for his 18×28″ Watercolor titled  “Marco,” which also won FIRST PLACE in the category Watercolor Human Figure.  Simoneau’s bio is below.
The MASTERPIECE cash prize for most overall wins of one image goes to BRUCE  LAWES of Ontario, Canada for his 45×30″ oil on canvas, “Brothers In Arms.” This  won 2ND PLACE – TIE in Oil Human Figure, 3RD PLACE in Realism Human and 3RD  PLACE in Realism Landscape With Figures. Lawes bio is below.
The 2013 Stoney Award cash prize for most overall wins by one artist goes  to Youxin Yang of Massachusetts, USA. Her watercolors, oils and inks vary from  soothing portraiture to high-minded political retrospectives and subsequently  won a dozen awards in the 2013 AAA’s 52 categories.
Youxin Yang was born in Xuzhou, China. After finishing her medical  education in Nanjing, she received her PhD from Paris VI University (Marie Curie  University). She was awarded a prize from the Association for the Study of  Pediatric Pathology for her work on the WT1 Gene in Denys Drash Syndrome and  Diffuse Mesangial Sclerosis. Articles written by two French art historians, and  several Chinese journalists, along with her recent paintings, were collected  into a book entitled “Youxin Yang, M.D., Ph.D.: An Artist and Scientist”.
In addition to being a remarkably accomplished fine artist and scientist,  Yang is also an award-winning songwriter, screenwriter and the director of  “Feuille.” Filmed in Paris, this film tells a story of a Chinese female painter  and a French female photographer who, together, experience conflicts dealing  with culture and homosexuality. This film was not shown at that time in China  due to the subject matter.
Yang is the fitting winner of the 2013 Stoney Award (donated annually by  one of the surviving fighters for equal rights at the infamous 1969 Stonewall  Riots) for her dozen brave works winning various categories of the 2013 American  Art Awards. In future articles we will feature Yang’s specific wins and  categories. Not surprisingly, Yang’s paintings depict the same deeper aspects of  human nature as her film: honesty, generosity, beauty, and an idealized world  where spirituality trumps politics. Previous wins include Grand Jury Award  winner at the 2005 New York International Art Festival, 2008 WCA national  Featured Member Artist Competition, 1st Place Award and Honorable Mention at the  “People, Faces, and Figures” leading artists gallery art exhibition in 2013, in  addition to prior American Art Award competitions.  See more of Yang at http://zeitgeistgallery.net/artists/youxin-yang
Yang’s additional winning AAA art includes these images of “PEACE VI-Boston  Marathon 2013,” acrylic, oil pastel, mixed media on canvas. “Self-Portrait  Thinking 2004,”  40×30″ oil pastel, water color. “Peace I, 2012,” 68×78″  oil, Chinese watercolor on canvas.  “Dialogue Between History And Modern,  III,” 48×36″ oil, ink. “Dialogue Between History And Modern I,” 30×40″ oil, ink.  “Dialogue Between History And Modern V,” 36×48″ oil pastel, Chinese watercolor  on paper mounted on canvas. “Dialogue Between History And Modern III,” 48×36″  Oil, ink. “Peace,” “Peace IV, 2013,” 48×60″ oil, Chinese watercolor on canvas.  “Peace I, 2012″ 68×78″  Oil, Chinese watercolor on canvas.
aaa2013YouxinYangPeace168x78OilChineseWaterc (1)
BEST OF SHOW Dan Simoneau is excited to have won the prestigious award.  A painter by passion for 35 years, he holds signature status in the  International Society of Acrylic Painters, is a lifetime member of the  Transparent Watercolor Society of America, is a juried member of the Salmagundi  Club in NYC (the oldest art organization in the US) as both a painter and a  photographer, and has been listed in Who’s Who in American Art since 2005.   Acrylics and watercolors painted in a realist to hyper realist fashion are his  favorite mediums.  Simoneau is also enjoying critical acclaim for his  recent photography, some of which are 2013 AAA winners to be revealed here in  upcoming weeks.   Simoneau says, “In my boat paintings and my urban  photography, I hope to elevate the commonplace and typically overlooked to a  level of beauty and introspection.  In my figurative photography and  paintings, I seek to capture the interplay of appearance and inner truth.   In all my work, the effect of light on objects is the main subject of the  piece.” 
Simoneau is represented by Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ (www.xanadugallery.com) and Lemon Street  Gallery in Kenosha, WI (www.lemonstreetgallery.org).   Paintings can be seen on his web site, www.dsimoneau.com and his photography can be  seen on www.dsimoneauphoto.com and  www.point-of-view-imagery.com.
aaa2013YouxinYangSelfPortraitThinking40x30OilPastelWaterc (1)
MASTERPEICE winner: Frequently winning top honors in prior American Art  Awards contests, Lawes is a predictable favorite among the prestigious gallery  judges for his classic oil portraiture of humans and equine. Lawes’ work is  gaining great recognizability having won the Grand Prize in People And Figures  Category in the 2011 International Artist Magazine, Arabella Magazine prize at  the Buckhorn Art Show 2012, and many honors in Southwest Art Magazine’s Artistic  Excellence Competitions and Artist magazine’s Annual Art Competitions. Lawes  gives more than excellence to his craft, he seeks to generate public awareness  and artful alliances between the soul and the corporation. He says, “Without the  indiviual and corporate efforts today, we may not be able to preserve and enjoy  our environment with our children tomorrow.” See Lawe’s stunning figurative  works at http://www.bklawesart.com
More info at the annual American Art Awards contest at www.AmericanArtAwards.com  The  2013 American Art Awards Galleries: MASSACHUSETTS Quidley & Company,  CALIFORNIA The McLoughlin Gallery, OKLAHOMA Avondale Galleries Inc, MICHIGAN  Park West Gallery, FLORIDA CityLoftArt LLC, OHIO Lee Hayden Gallery, SOUTH  CAROLINA Mary Martin Gallery, NORTH CAROLINA McColl Fine Art, COLORADO Mirada  Fine Art, TENNESSEE Bennett Galleries, ARIZONA Exposures Gallery, WASHINGTON  Abmeyer + Wood, NEVADA Sin City Gallery, WISCONSIN Milward Farrell Fine Art,  KENTUCKY Galerie Hertz, KANSAS The Rice Gallery of Fine Art, VERMONT Gallery  Northstar, HAWAII Sunshine Arts, ALASKA Annie Kaill’s Premier Fine Art Gallery,  VIRGINIA Chasen Galleries, MISSISSIPPI Brown’s Fine Art & Framing,  CONNECTICUT Westport River Gallery, NEBRASKA The Burkholder Project, ALABAMA  Robertson Gallery, UTAH Southam Gallery.
AAA-2Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  American
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