Lance W. McClurg, Dennis Doyle, Todd Miller And Johnny Nicoloro Win Awards For Manipulated Photography, Thom Bierdz Announces To Highlight Hollywood

Highlight Hollywood reveals today that twenty-five of the best American  galleries have scored their choices for best manipulated photography of  landscape and still life. President of, Thom  Bierdz, explains, “We had artists from twenty countries competing in 52  categories this year. Canadian Lance W. McClurg, a relative newcomer to his  trade, won 1ST and 5TH PLACE in our 47TH category.”  
1ST  PLACE     LANCE W. MCCLURG “Lemonade”
2ND PLACE     DENNIS  DOYLE  “The Air That I Breathe”
3RD  PLACE     TODD MILLER    “Minneapolis  Warehouse, 2012″
4TH PLACE      DENNIS DOYLE   “Abandoned Luncheonette”
5TH  PLACE     LANCE W. MCCLURG   “Metal Flower”
5TH PLACE     TODD MILLER  “Asphalt Meets  Cobblestone, 2012″
6TH PLACE     JOHNNY  NICOLORO   “Matsumoto Aster And Gerbera”
It was only  several years ago in Toronto, Ontario, that Lance McClurg’s husband, Peter,  gifted him with his first viable camera. McClurg was immediately impressed with  the product quality, and the results, and his passion to implement his  perspective accrued with the photographical “reality” increased. Experimenting  on assorted subjects with disparate angles and lighting, he discovered an  aesthetic style that registers with him and garners critical praise. Walking  around town almost on a daily basis, McClurg is on a hunt for images that reek  of moodiness – in life and architecture.
His talent for presenting architectural aspects of buildings in new light,  and giving emotional overtones to cityscapes imbue his portfolio with a sense of  the epic, majestic and the bold. He credits his success with his pursuit to  deliver the energy and bustle of city life in silent and still images.
McClurg’s photography has been published in the recent “2013, State of  the Art.”
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: American Art Awards
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