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At the end of the last season of “Once Upon a Time,”  Emma,  her parents Snow and Charming, Henry’s Other Mother Regina, Hook and  Rumpelstiltskin were all on the Jolly Roger sailing to Never Land. Henry had  been kidnapped by Tamara and Greg, and fallen through to Never Land. And  Neal/Bae had fallen through a portal to the Enchanted Forest, right under the  noses of Aurora, Mulan and Philip.

Fast forward to tonight’s thrilling episode.  Tamara and Greg are slow on the uptake that their walkie-talkies don’t work  when covered with magical sand, and keep talking about “the home office.” The  home office turns out to be: Lost Boys. The two last-season baddies try to run.  The Shadow rips Greg’s away, and Tamara gets a little further. Henry runs into  the Never Land rainforest, and bumps into a very Lost Boy, friendly, with a  British accent. The boy says Pan is after him for stealing Pixie dust, which  doesn’t even work.



Snow and Charming get a smack-down from Emma when they tell her not to blame  herself for what happened: she blames them, she says When Charming says they  will get their family back, Emma growls, “How can you two be so infuriatingly  optimistic?” To which the only possible answer is, of course, Charming’s “It’s  who we are.” Rump then appears to say he’ll do the rescuing himself. He gives  Emma a smack-down too, because she’s never taken a leap of faith, and this is  Never Land, “a place where imagination runs wild. Sadly, yours doesn’t.” He  twirls his cane… and vanishes. Next, Emma, looking like a Yoplait commercial,  does chin-ups, with Hook watching appreciatively. They bond over Bae/Neal. Hook  gives her a sword that was Bae’s.



The Jolly Roger rocks madly due to some angry mermaids. In Never Land, good  guys are bad, it seems. Emma and co. catch a mermaid in a net, who flops about  but can speak. A horn sounds, and she tells them to let her go, or die. “I’m all  out of fish food,” Regina says. Nobody’s heard of Neptune? Regina waves a hand  at the mermaid, who then turns wooden and vanishes. But the storm continues.  “Undo the spell” Emma shouts. And, Regina gets the best reply of the entire  series so far: “And what, you’ll win her over with your rainbow kisses  and  unicorn stickers?” But Emma shouts that they are causing the storm. To get  everyone’s attention, she dives off the ship.  Charming leaps overboard with a  rope and finds her immediately, because it’s television. Do not try at home. The  moon comes out and the storm ends because everyone has made peace.



Rump finds Tamara, touches her and she’s able to talk.  As Neal and Mulan walk to his father’s abandoned castle,  he confesses to  Mulan that he broke Emma’s heart. She tells him his belief in love wasn’t strong  enough to overcome his fear of rejection.  Apparently, there are no movies in  the Enchanted Forest, but Oprah is in everyone’s subconscious. Robin Hood is in  the looted, messy castle, but backs down when Bea/Neal identifies himself (even  without I.D., which Neal offers). Robin Hood has a truce with the Dark One, who  once spared his life. Neal finds a walking stick, twirls it around, and a door  uncloaks.  After some difficulty getting the magic to work, Neal thinks of Emma  and sees her in a crystal ball. He’s startled that she is in Never Land.



Meanwhile, Henry and his friend run to the edge of a sheer drop. Henry has  enough faith in the pixie dust for both of them. He pours it out, and they turn  green, and fly, and it’s all magical and pretty, the usual Never Land. They  land, and Henry says, “If you believe, anything is possible.” But the friend  replies, “You couldn’t be more right, Henry.” Uh oh. Henry hadn’t introduced  himself.



And there are new creatures coming, shall we dare say, Mermaids?  “Once Upon A Time” airs Sunday nights on ABC at 8 p.m. ET/PT



Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: ABC
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