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Actress Jorja Fox To Introduce U.S. Premiere Of ‘Lion Ark’ At Mill Valley Film Fest, Highlight Hollywood News

Mill Valley Film Festival is to host the United States Premiere of feature documentary Lion Ark on October 5th, at the CinéArts Sequoia Theatre, with a special introduction by actress Jorja Fox

Carrie Exposed On ‘Homeland’ Season Premiere On Sunday Night, Showtime’s Emmy Award-Winning Drama Back In Style, Highlight Hollywood News

Carrie’s secrets and her secret life were outed by politicians on Sunday night’s season three opener of the hit Showtime series, “Homeland.”  Carrie’s disastrous decisions have finally come home to roost. But Claire

AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale, It’s All Over For Walter White And Its Millions Of Viewers, Highlight Hollywood News

  Thankfully, few of us if any had a high-school chemistry teacher turned Meth maker, dealer, lord!  A mere bad guy like Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), who only dealt  methamphetamine and only

‘Boardwalk Empire’s’ ‘All In’ On Sunday Night On HBO Crushed The Competition, Highlight Hollywood News

“Boardwalk Empire” on Sunday night’s episode was titled  “All In,”  with  our favorites returning, but many are taking on new roles and unfamiliar territory.  Promotions, and and new twists result in new relationships forming

ABC Welcomes New Hit Series ‘Betrayal’ To Sunday Night Lineup, Worth The Wait, This Is A Keeper, Highlight Hollywood News

“Betrayal” is a new ABC invention, and it followed “Revenge,” which had a mind blowing return.  “Betray” is starring Hannah Ware and Stuart Townsend caught up in a complicated marital affair, and this isn’t

‘Revenge’ Returns With New Showrunner, But It’s Back With A Vengeance On ABC Sunday Nights, Highlight Hollywood News

  Memorial Day Weekend is how the show began yet again, which kicked off the beginning of another summer season filled with secrets and sabotage on Revenge. The ABC hit show returned

‘Once Upon a Time,’ Season Premiere, ‘The Heart OF The Truest Believer’, Welcome Home To ABC, Highlight Hollywood News

At the end of the last season of “Once Upon a Time,”  Emma,  her parents Snow and Charming, Henry’s Other Mother Regina, Hook and  Rumpelstiltskin were all on the Jolly Roger sailing

The Wolves Are Bleeding, Lions Are Roaring, The Wall Is Watching, Dragons Are Flying, Winter Is Coming, Highlight Hollywood News

With so many premieres this week coming around, from Showtime’s “Homeland,” to ABC’s “Revenge” and “Once Upon A Time,” Highlight Hollywood thought we’d remind our HBO’s “Game of Thrones” viewers that Winter

Dennis Doyle, Holly Lee, Youme Kim, Johnny Nicoloro And Dana Hetzer Win Best Still Life Photography – Thom Bierdz Reports To Highlight Hollywood

Dozens of the most established American galleries have voted five artists  winners in the 2013 American Art Awards category of Nonmanipulated  Photography/Still Life. Thom Bierdz, AAA president and co-founder, shares  exclusively to Highlight

Ron Morgan, Dennis Doyle And Holly Lee Win Top Honors In 2013 American Art Awards Category Of Photography/Landscape, Thom Bierdz Reports To Highlight Hollywood News

Thom Bierdz, president of the only online art competition judged by 25  revered American galleries,, today  announced to Highlight Hollywood the international winners of the 2013 American  Art Awards category of