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Highlight Hollywood’s Gold Standard: Maura West, Constance Towers And Heather Tom Comes Charging Home, Ladies? Divas, Yes!

When these ladies are on screen, turn off the computers, turn the phones off and only communicate with soap fans.  They are unstoppable, they are beautiful women, who know how to put

‘The White Queen’ Highlight Hollywood’s TV Critic Wendy Fujimori Sums Up Tonight’s Episode, ‘Incredible, Finally!’

Tonight’s episode starts off with Edward drunk and in celebration that Elizabeth is in labor.  His particular form of celebration has become a sex fest/orgy of half naked women with Ed making

Highlight Hollywood’s Leading Men Gold Standard: Michael C. Hall, Eric Braeden And Maurice Benard, Charm Offensive

This week’s Leading Men Gold Standard goes to three powerful actors, who conquered everyone in their path this week.  Michael C. Hall, who portrays Dexter Morgan on Showtime’s hit series “Dexter,” Eric

An Evening With The Legendary George Chakiris At The Billy Wilder Theater In Los Angeles, November 16, Highlight Hollywood News

On November 16, Hollywood legend, and one of the most incredibly handsome, talented and generous men George Chakiris, along with beautiful and enigmatic Debra Levine, dance critic will be featured at the Billy Wilder Theater

Famous Hollywood Magician John Calvert ‘The Falcon’ In 1940s Has Died At The Age Of 102, Highlight Hollywood News

John Calvert, a favorite magician in Hollywood circles who appeared on stage for more than eight decades and played the fictional sleuth The Falcon in three 1940s films, has died, THR first

Lake Charles, Louisiana Pastor Gunned Down In Church While Preaching, Shooter Has No Apparent Motive Or Criminal History, Highlight Hollywood News

Every time there’s a school shooting, we hear the drumbeat propaganda of, “Took God out of the schools.” Instead of putting the blame where it lies. Evil people, doing evil deeds, including

Child Stardom Is Tough, Zac Efron Beat Drugs And Shares Photo From Peru Mountain Hike, Highlight Hollywood News

  He recently revealed to friends, that he was battling drug addiction.  Growing up in the public eye is tough for any child star, but extremely harsh for Zac Efron, who became an international

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Four Purple Wedding Images, Winter Is Coming, Highlight Hollywood News

Filming on what is sure to be one of the biggest events in TV history, coming up on the fourth season of HBO’s Emmy Award-nominated drama  “Game of Thrones” Season is underway. Dubbed

Rainbow High Ent. Begins Casting ‘Now And Forever’, Written By Eric Stevens And Matthew McCray, ‘True Blood’s’ DeRousse, Others Tapped, Highlight Hollywood News

“True Blood” star Marcia DeRousse, who was a protégé of the late Zelda Rubeinstein’s, and Marcia told Highlight Hollywood, how excited she is about this new project, “Now And Forever,” which is

Lesley Bohm, Ron Morgan, Seo Kyoung Lee, Jack Puhl And Dana Hetzer Win Top Prizes In Nonmanipulated Photography Of Animals, Thom Bierdz Reports To Highlight Hollywood News

Today Highlight Hollywood announces the  winners of the 2013 American Art Awards category Nonmanipulated Photography /  Animals. Thom Bierdz, president of the global online art contest scored by 25  revered gallery judges,