Rainbow Films Released New Poster Art For ‘The M Word’ Starring Tanna Frederick, Gregory Harrison, Michael Imperioli, More, Highlight Hollywood News

Rainbow Film’s latest film release will be the upcoming “The M Word” by director and writer Henry Jaglom.  No release date has been set yet, but the film is in post-production, so we’ll have a release date soon.  (“Queen of the Lot,” “Hollywood Dreams”) Tanna Frederick, (“Sopranos”) Michael Imperioli, (“Titanic”) Frances Fisher, (“Dallas”) Mary Crosby, (“Falcon Crest,” “Trapper John”) Gregory Harrison, (“Gremlins,” “The Lost Boys”) Corey Feldman, (“Amy’s Orgasm,” “Just 45 Minutes from Broadway”) Julie Davis, (“I’ll Fly Away,” “Midnight Caller”) Eliza Roberts,  (“NYPD Blue”, “Living With Ed,” “Boston Legal”) Rachelle Carson, (“Romancing The Stone,” “The Nanny”) Zack Norman, (“Sopranos,” “The Shawshank Redemption,” “L.A. Law”) David Proval, and yes, yours truly, (“As The World Turns,” “Living With Ed,” “Queen of the Lot,” “Hollywood Classics”) Tommy Lightfoot Garrett. 
More on the release when Highlight Hollywood learns more.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Rainbow Films
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