‘Revenge’ Returns With New Showrunner, But It’s Back With A Vengeance On ABC Sunday Nights, Highlight Hollywood News


Memorial Day Weekend is how the show began yet again, which kicked off the beginning of another summer season filled with secrets and sabotage on Revenge. The ABC hit show returned for its third season on Sunday night with “Fear.” And viewers were worried, slightly afraid of what a new showrunner meant for the series. 60-minutes later? We have nothing to worry about.  Jack (Nick Wechsler) has learned Emily’s true identity. Nolan (Gabriel Mann) has been arrested. Victoria’s (Madeleine Stowe) long-lost son turned up at her door. That’s how it ended last season. 




Though now-Governor Conrad is hoping to eventually run for President, his plans are derailed by a truly devious plan concocted by Emily, who can never be underestimated.   She makes him (and actual doctors) believe he has Huntington’s disease. Just when we thought Emily could do no more harm, she does.  It does have a set date though: August 8th, which will also be Emily and Daniel’s wedding date. “Ever since I was a kid, I always imagined something wonderful would happen on that day,” Emily says. “Have the wedding of the century, take down Victoria once and for all.”






After months apart, Jack and Emily’s much-anticipated reunion starts off with a kiss! Though, it’s really bad that Jack is just toying with Emily, telling her afterwards, “I just didn’t feel anything.” Later, after realizing Emily was behind Conrad’s condition, Jack visits her (waiting on the porch that’s played witness to so many key scenes between the duo) and offers this ultimatum: “Finish this by the end of the summer then leave. Go or I’ll tell everyone the truth.” Hell hath no fury like a bartender/single father/jilted childhood love scorned! But he’s not the only love interest Emily has to watch her back around as the episode ends with Aiden (Barry Sloane) paying a surprise visit to Victoria “looking to destroy the girl next door.






Victoria and her long-lost son Patrick, who is a freelance painter, have spent the summer together, riding horses, smiling and sharing a slightly creepy chemistry. Too bad their secret fun times come to an end when a bitter and b–chy Charlotte (who sadly lost the baby) returns home from her European vacation. Though she thinks Patrick is her mother’s young lover at first, she learns who he is and channels her mother when she warns, “[Victoria will] draw you in and destroy you. And if she doesn’t, I will.”






What we did expect however, was  a conniver leaving the canvas.  “I will stop at nothing to expose you to the Graysons as the fraud you really are.” Oh honey, never try to blackmail a blackmailer, especially one was ruthless as Emily. Ashley made a fashionable (and extremely quick) exit after Emily was able to pin the news of Conrad’s condition leaking to the media on Ashley. Emily and Victoria teamed up to put Ashley on a plane back to England.






“Revenge” airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. only on ABC.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: ABC
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