Ron Morgan, Carolyn Quan, Skylar Aud, Susanne Belcher, Johnny Nicoloro And Dennis Doyle Score Highest In 2013 American Art Awards Category Of Manipulated Photography Animal Or Human, Thom Bierdz Reports To Highlight Hollywood News

Thom Bierdz, president of American Art Awards, the online art competition  judged by 25 revered American galleries, today announced to Highlight Hollywood  the international winners of the Manipulated Photography/Human Or Animal. These  images had the most gallery votes in the 46th category of 52 categories total,  encompassing painters, sculptors, digital artists and photographers.
1ST PLACE     RON MORGAN   “Birdfeeder”
2ND PLACE     CAROLYN QUAN   “Gentle  Spirits”
3RD PLACE     SKYLAR AUD    “Peacock”
4TH PLACE     SUSANNE BELCHER   “A Conversation With Sol Lewitt II: I Like What I See”
5TH  PLACE     JOHNNY NICOLORO   “Jordan And  Des”
5TH PLACE     DENNIS DOYLE    “The Right Stuff”
6TH PLACE     CAROLYN  QUAN   “The Beauty Of The Beast”
Originally from Mystic, Connecticut, Ron Morgan studied art at the  University of Connecticut.  Experimenting in all media, including pencil,  charcoal & acrylic, and grew to be most passionate about his photography,  using several cameras but  preferring his Canon T4i. Living in Morongo  Valley, California on a 5 acre ranch nestled high on a cliff with a view of the  San Bernardino Mountains & the desert valley below, Morgan is an avid  sky-watcher and patiently captures  luminescent and dramatic landscapes in  every imaginable hue. He’s especially fond of his collection of photos of  lenticular clouds over the high mountains & surreal desert landscape.
Having previously lived in New England & Germany, where he served  in  the United States Air Force as a Cryptological German Linguist, Morgan  has been enjoying the quiet desert life for 11 years, especially fascinated by  the  creatures who share his habitat. As he gently lifts tarantulas and  various snakes with an innate trust and respect he says goes back to his  partial  Narragansett Native American heritage, his other hand presses the  shutter button  on his camera. Morgan desires to share the beauty of the  Mojave Desert & has immortalized many of it’s inhabitants from Bighorn sheep  to Rosy Boa Constrictors in their private activities, and has gained so much  trust and  affection from them, a family of roadrunners can typically be  seen dining in his home along with him.
While Morgan spends most of his time in the Southern California desert, his  love of photography takes him to other regions to photograph a diverse array of  topography and wildlife. He has even Kayaked with & photographed five  different species of whales off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Whether in high  mountain snow or sizzling hot desert he always has his cameras at the ready to  catch the most austere weather photographs, the most endearing shots of the  indigenous creatures and always has an eye out to capture nature’s beauty from  interesting angles.
Morgan recently won a cash award in another contest and had three of his  haunting images published in the Desert Sun Newspaper’s coffee table book,  “Capture My Desert.”
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: American Art Awards
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