STEVEN SPIELBERG’S PORTRAIT WINS FIRST PLACE FOR ARTIST PETER KEMPSON – Thom Bierdz, President Of American Art Awards, Reports To Highlight Hollywood

Dozens of premier American galleries have voted seven artists winners in  the 2013 American Art Awards category of celebrity portrait. Actor, artist,  author, activist and president of AAA, Thom Bierdz, reveals exclusively to  Highlight Hollywood, “Very established gallery eyes voted on all work  submitted to, a contest  is open to artists in all countries. Our competition is incredibly  diverse  having 52 categories and winners from 18 countries. 1ST PLACE in 2013’s Portrait  Of Someone Famous goes to Peter Kempson for his brilliant mixed media piece  honoring Steven Spielberg. You have to study this piece closely. There are  tiny faces in Spielberg’s face. Amazing.”
1ST PLACE     PETER KEMPSON   “Steven  Spielberg, Director”
2ND PLACE      RANDAL HUISKENS  “Marilyn Monroe #6″
3RD  PLACE     RANDAL HUISKENS  “Marilyn Monroe  #4″
4TH PLACE     PIERRE  DESROCHERS  “The Dalaï-Lama As Seen On TV”
5TH  PLACE     CASSANDRA ALLSWORTH      “Empassioned”
5TH PLACE     HYE RYUNG  SONG    “See Through”
6TH  PLACE     HYAE JIN SOH    “Kim Jung  Eun”
Kempson, himself an Emmy-awarded Art Director/Creative Director, shows his  passionate respect for movie director Spielberg in the complex 42×30″ acrylic  and photo-montage portrait.
At the University Of Virginia, Kempson studied Architecture and English,  and eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue the arts. Decades later, his  canvases still show his interest in architecture, as well as automotive themes  and popular culture, where he comments on socio-economic and sociological themes  with wry humor. In 2012, Kempson transitioned from painting photo realistic  urban landscapes to mixed media pieces exploring a wider range of subjects.
Paintings by Kempson are in collections across the U.S. and in Europe,  including those of a prominent motion picture Production Designer and the  Chancellor of the University of London. Among Kempson’s many exhibitions in New  York and Los Angeles is LACMA, the prestigious Los Angeles County Museum of  Art.
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  American Art Awards
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