U.S. Government At Stalemate With President Head On Against Tea Party, Who Wields Power In GOP, Highlight Hollywood News

As Americans sit on their hands and shout, “Why can’t they work things out, we do!” I remind us, that we actually don’t. We have a small insular group of friends, our Facebook friends are people who mirror our own political beliefs, and when the country is essentially in denial about bigotry, which it has always been, one can only imagine, things get worse. The good news is, the young kids are not listening to grandparents teaching them hatred, and they are essentially color-blind, or like I am, multi-racial and so, the issues and fears that stifled America in 2008, and blew up in the faces of bigots again, in 2012, are almost a moot point. The bad ones, are dying off every day, with only a few with a few more years to go, then like Scarlet O’Hara, it’ll be gone with the wind!
 President Reagan preached about his hatred of government, but in fact grew the U.S. government more than all of his predecessors put together. When he entered office, the federal budget deficit was a measly $800 billion, when he walked out of office, it was a whopping $3 trillion. But propagandists on Fox News and right-wing talk radio won’t dare let that truth be told. They also won’t admit, that President Reagan signed four tax increases into law.
The Tea Party didn’t go bonkers when George Walker Bush lobbied for an enacted the Medicare Prescription Act, or his bail outs of the big American and worldwide banks. The moment President Obama took the oath, Mitch McConnell, the face of the South, and what is desperately wrong with it, quickly retorted, “My job is to make sure he’s a one-term president.” Well, that didn’t happen either, and now McConnell is fighting for his political life from his own party, which plans to put him out of his office as a U.S. Senator from Kentucky.
The people who want the right wingers to hijack this nation, don’t like Obama, and never will, they don’t understand economics, they rewrite history, and the fact is, we look like a laughing stock to the rest of the planet, which sits in shock, that the world’s greatest country, the world’s most wealthy country, and the biggest military, sits around and whines and shouts, and points the finger.
The finger belongs pointed at ourselves. Our nation refuses to deal with things that should be dealt with at the time, and essentially, if you kick the can down the road, on racism, on sexism, on lack of intelligence and education, and you essentially get in one corner or the other; then nothing gets solved.
One day our grandkids will look at us, and say, “Wow, they sure did have a lot of stupid ideas, and they sure were more frightened to face truth than any other society.
 We fail every day, and it starts in your home, not in the Halls of the U.S. Capitol or the White House.    When the Tea Party costs these wealthy GOP lawmakers and voters their stock market wins, then you’ll see change. Americans love money more than anything on earth.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AP
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