Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

Edward Snowden Agrees To Help Germany Against The U.S., In NSA Spying Case, German Official Hans-Christian Stroebele Says, Highlight Hollywood News

Edward Snowden after selling America’s secrets to China, then to  Russia, now adds Germany to his list of nations he’s agreed to sell more of America’s intelligence secrets to.  For all of his supporters, they should be ashamed, but it’s obvious there are Americans who have no patriotism, and they defend this traitor at every turn. On Thursday, a German lawmaker said he met  Edward Snowden in Moscow earlier in the day, and the fugitive former  U.S. spy agency contractor was willing to help German  investigations into reports the United States tapped Chancellor  Angela Merkel’s mobile phone.
Hans-Christian Stroebele, a legislator for the opposition  Greens party, told German broadcaster ARD it was clear Snowden  “knew a lot” and that he would share details of their surprise  meeting including a letter from Snowden to the German government  on Friday. This man’s detriment to America is incalculable, and he’s most definitely America’s most dangerous enemy, and should be deemed a terrorist.
Stroebele was photographed with Snowden, who  disclosed secret U.S. internet and phone surveillance  programs, and ARD showed images of the two shaking hands in a  room.
“He made it clear he knows a lot and that as long as the  National Security Agency (NSA) blocks investigations…, he is  essentially prepared to come to Germany and give testimony, but  the conditions must be discussed,” said Stroebele.
His trip came a day after top American and German security  officials met in Washington to try and ease tensions after  reports that NSA, for which Snowden worked, monitored Merkel’s  mobile phone. Germany is a close ally of the United States.
Stroebele, 74, sits on the German parliament’s control  committee which monitors the work of intelligence agencies.
Germany’s parliament will hold a special session on Nov. 18  to discuss the tapping, and the Greens and far-left Left party  have demanded a public inquiry calling in witnesses including  Snowden. Stroebele told him he could give evidence from Moscow.
Snowden’s revelations about the reach and methods of the  NSA, including the monitoring of vast volumes of Internet  traffic and phone records, have upset U.S. allies from Germany  to Brazil. Admirers call him a human rights champion and critics  denounce him as a traitor.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Hans-Christian Stroebele

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